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What Regular People Think of Your Insurance Agency

While you might eat, live, and breathe insurance, most of the time the majority of people are not thinking about their insurance needs. What does the average person think about insurance and insurance agencies?  By understanding their worries and hesitancy, you can help clients and potential clients find the best insurance products. Most of all, you can become a trusted resource for these clients when they are feeling unsure.


They Know That They Need Coverage 

Your clients know that they need coverage. However, they’re often unsure about the kind of coverage they really need. According to Advisor Talk, “There are many categories of insurance plans and various products available that can make the decision-making for your client perplexing, stressful, and difficult.” Your job is to lead your clients through the types of coverage you offer, matching their needs to products. By asking pertinent questions, you can help your clients find the coverage that meets their particular needs.


They Don’t Know What’s Excluded 

Exclusions can get your insurance clients into trouble. There may be problems if clients actually need coverage for something that is excluded from their policy. According to Rough Notes, “Considerable coverage lies hidden in exclusions in the form of exceptions.” When your insurance clients sign up for insurance products, you need to make them aware of these exclusions so they can have the best possible experience with your agency.


They Don’t Understand the Jargon

One of your insurance jobs is to act as a translator for your clients, translating insurance terminology into language that they understand. That makes it possible for your clients to choose the best type of insurance for their needs. Even insurance that is easy to read may not be easy to comprehend. By explaining some of the jargon, you can become a trusted advisor to your clients, and they will be grateful.


They Work Well With Examples 

As an insurance translator, your job is not just to explain the meaning of words: it’s also your job to translate these words into scenarios that your clients can understand. This is not just a sales tactic. It’s also a way to get your points across, pointing out exclusions and translating jargon in a way that’s much more accessible to your clients.


They Want to Build a Trusting Relationship 

Your clients need to know that you have their best interests in mind when you present information about insurance. The agent/client relationship should be based on trust; your clients should be able to trust that you will help them find the right insurance and that they are getting a fair deal.

You extend this trust when you become more than an insurance salesperson and see your insurance job as that of an educator. The average person does not always feel comfortable with insurance language and jargon, so your clients need to trust that they can depend on you to provide honest explanations that will help them understand.

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