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What Should Your Insurance Marketing Department Do?

What should your marketing department do? More importantly, what should they do on their own, and when do they need the assistance and advice of others at your insurance agency? 

Your marketing department shouldn't be working on its own. Here's how you can help your marketing employees achieve the goals of your insurance agency. 

What Should Your Marketing Department Do? 

What is the function of the marketing department of an insurance company? The role of your marketing department has changed substantially over the years. Today,  your marketing department must: 

  • Monitor your reputation. It's not enough to send out positive information about your company. Your marketing team must actively monitor what's being said about your business, both online and in person. It can identify problems for the rest of your employees to let them know about issues that you may need to address as an agency. 

  • Consciously create your online reputation. This involves not only waiting for reviews but soliciting them so that you can manage your reputation on review sites and promote positive reviews.

  • Connect with potential clients. This not only involves creating marketing materials such as brochures, but it also involves advanced knowledge of SEO and how it is changing so that your online content has the keyword phrases and location-specific information that clients and Google need in order to find your business. 

  • Understand the trends in your industry. What is changing for your clients, and how can your agency respond? 

  • Be watchful and monitor competitors. According to Saleslayer, you must "watch the competition to learn what they do best or to identify their mistakes in order to avoid falling into them." 

  • Suggest and create content areas. Your marketing department can create blogs, webinars, infographics, and other information sources for clients so that your clients feel like your company holds a unique and informative perspective in your industry. Marketers can work over time to deepen, shift, and add to the information that you've put out online so that your clients are consistently engaged.

  • Look for new tools that will help you manage your marketing, and understand these tools once your agency is using them.

How Does Marketing Connect to the Rest of Your Insurance Agency? 

Your marketing employee or your marketing department should not work by themselves, tirelessly trying to find more clients for your insurance business. Marketing should be a part of what everyone does, not just a department that stands alone. 

All employees of your insurance agency can: 

  • Communicate with each other and with the marketing department about specific customer service challenges you are facing and consider how to deal with these.

  • Mention challenges with specific clients and consider how to manage these in the best possible way, both for your business, your client, and your ongoing reputation. 

  • Consider your clients' pain points and discuss how to better address these through your products and customer service. Think about how to highlight these problems and solutions in your marketing as well. 

  • Bring forth feedback from clients to your business, so that you can continue to grow and change over time.

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