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What the DIY Movement Can Teach You About Insurance Marketing

What can your small business learn from the Maker Movement?

You may be wondering if the DIY movement is relevant to your business in any way. After all, you’re not going to get crafty and create an insurance policy on handmade paper. While the two might seem to be far apart, the creativity and niche-awareness of the DIY movement can help you grow your insurance marketing.


There’s Room For Creativity 

The insurance business can be creative, but when the public thinks about creative jobs the insurance industry is not likely to spring to mind.

According to Event Marketer, maker events have their own unique set of rules – really, the rules are that there are no rules. “With Maker Faire, there are no rules, and your success is only parallel to how much you’re willing to create, craft, dream and do something differently.”

If you’re considering your new marketing strategies, you probably know the rules for insurance marketing. You’ve probably created your own rules for how you want to engage with your audience. However, consider that there could be value in breaking those rules as well. You don’t want your marketing to be boring for yourself or your insurance customers, so remember to change up your marketing plans upon occasion.


Know Your Niche 

Do you want to create bangles from recycled bike tubes? There’s a market for that. If there’s a market for that, there must be a market for your insurance products. The DIY movement has shown everyone the value of the strong niche. You can sell insurance that everyone needs, but you can also reach out to specific audiences with offers just for them.

For example, if you live in a community where a lot of seniors are in transition into smaller homes or assisted living situations, they’re likely wondering what kind of insurance they need. You could offer a series of workshops at seniors’ centers and create connections with that niche as you help them with their unique insurance requirements.


Offer Opportunities To Participate 

The DIY movement has both transformed culture and is a reflection of the Millennial culture in particular. According to Inc, “DIYers want to participate in something bigger. They want to co-create something with your brand.”

How are you offering your customers opportunities to move beyond engagement into participation? Perhaps it is an opportunity to offer substantial feedback on new insurance products that you bring to your agency. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to work side by side at a community event. Whatever opportunities you create, know that real involvement is key to creating more meaningful customer connections.


DIY is About Who You Are 

The maker movement is about doing things yourself, but it’s also about creating as a form of self-expression. Remember this when you head out into the world of insurance marketing as well. Your insurance agency doesn’t need to promote products: you can also promote who you are as a business. For instance, your ethics could move you to provide advice or assistance to those who are facing an intense storm season. Write about this in your marketing and create events and products to meet specific needs. Don’t be afraid to bring your corporate values to the forefront. Your customers will value you even more for sharing.

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