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What To Do When You’ve Disappointed a Client

Is your business one that disappoints? That’s not what you want to hear, but upon occasion, that’s exactly what you will hear. Disappointed customers happen, even though you try to avoid the situation. How can you remedy this situation if and when it occurs?


Listen to Your Customers 

This doesn’t just calm your customers down; it’s also an opportunity to learn something new that could help you better your business. Instead of jumping in to explain when a customer says that there is something wrong with your business, practice listening. Learn more about the problems that the customer perceives at your business and consider what you might be able to do to remedy those in the future. Use listening to gather constructive information about the situation, and ask questions so that you can learn more details about what you need to change.


Focus on the Relationship 

The problem is not always with the concern at hand. A customer complaint is an opportunity to repair a relationship with your clients. For instance, if a client feels like you did not return calls within a reasonable time frame, this is a concern about your ability to maintain a strong commitment to your clients. According to Business News Daily, “the key thing you need to do to win back customers is to put the value back into the relationship.” You need to take the situation seriously and show your customers that you value the relationship with a commitment to act.


Don’t Pass the Buck 

When you really value clients of your insurance agency, you won’t lay blame on someone else in the agency. You’ll take on the responsibility of remedying the situation yourself. For instance, if you realize that your front desk administrator made a clerical error that has resulted in a disappointed customer, you don’t need to send this person over to the front desk for help. Take on the responsibility, and show that your clients are at the center of your business. Their experiences matter, and you should work to remedy a poor situation no matter whether it feels like it’s your fault, your colleague’s fault, or a structural issue inside your agency.


Apologize to Your Customer 

According to Service Check, when a customer is being critical you should “keep your pride in check and put the client’s feelings first.” Even if you want to jump in with a long explanation, apologize to your customer. Their comments reflect the experience that they’ve had at your business, and even if you want to explain what happened, starting with an apology often calms down the situation.


Help Solve the Problem 

Let your clients know that you’re going to look into the situation and work to remedy it. This part of the process involves a deliverable. Let your client know what will change or what you will investigate at your agency as a result of their disappointment or complaint. Give that person a time frame and get back to them within that time frame to let them know what you’ve done about the problem. Even if they have had a bad experience with your agency the first time, this will let them know that you’re diligent and responsible and try to solve problems.

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