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Why Are You So Special? Positioning Your Insurance Marketing

What makes your business special to your clients? When you’re diving into your insurance marketing, knowing your strengths allows you to play on those strengths as you communicate your value to your clients. Determine where your clients’ needs and your organizational strengths connect, and you’ll discover why you are valuable to your clients.

Know Your Clients’ Needs 

Why do your customers buy from you instead of buying from your competition? This is connected to your USP or unique sales proposition. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. According to Info Entrepreneurs,   “your USP can change as your business or your market changes, and you can have different USPs for different types of customer.”

When your customers make a buying decision, they prioritize their specific needs. For instance, if their main concern is getting auto insurance today and they have a question that needs to be answered, your customer’s priority will be your speed of customer service. If a client needs house insurance that specifically covers her art collection, then finding coverage for that will be her priority.

You can get to know your clients’ needs by talking with them. You can also conduct surveys after they purchase from you, asking why they chose your company. Finally, you can look at the search terms that they use and the landing pages that get the most engagement. This will tell you why people are coming to your business.

Understand Your Business Strengths 

Yes, you know insurance. However, knowing insurance doesn’t make you stand out in a world with many insurance agencies. What other value do you bring to your clients? What makes your business unique and special?

Examine your corporate accomplishments. What have you done that you are most proud of? Is this accomplishment something that brings value to your clients? For instance, if you are the longest-running insurance agency in a place with several agencies, this could be something to note to your clients. You have the depth of experience that they seek in an agency.

Take a look at your corporate culture and values. What are your articulated values as an insurance agency, and how have you seen those become a reality? For example, if you believe in contributing to your community and support many causes related to children, how does this influence your client base? Do you find a lot of clients because of your participation and fundraising for events that support children? Articulating your values as an organization can help you find new clients who share those values.

Explore your customer feedback. What do current and past customers say about your as an organization? For instance, they might celebrate your prompt service or enjoy the fact that your business hours are longer than most businesses, making it easier for them to connect with you after work.

For your clients, what makes you special might be very simple, and it may not even be intentional on your part. However, these business characteristics are ones that you want to grow and promote, because they’re what makes your business valuable to your clients.

Find a Connection Between Strengths and Needs  

Where strengths and needs coincide, that’s where you find your value. For example, if connecting with an insurance agency in person is a priority for clients and your agency is open late, then this could be something that you note and promote to your clients.

The Harvard Business Review points out that companies “command enormous resources that influence the world for better or worse and that their strategies shape the lives of the employees, partners, and consumers on whom they depend.” By understanding your company’s unique value to your customers, you can better use these resources to shape your customers’ lives for the better.

At American Agents Alliance, we want to help you connect with your clients.  Contact us to learn more about how we can give you ongoing support for client connection, and learn more about our Alliance Convention that will help you continue your insurance marketing education.



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