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Why Better Tech Equals Success for Insurance Agencies

Insurance is about reassurance, and it’s about being prepared. Where does technology fit into this picture? When you’re preparing for the future of your insurance agency, you need to determine how technology fits into your picture. Technology can help you serve your clients more effectively, increase your efficiency, and boost your business.


Increase Your Efficiency

Have you ever had a customer experience that was quick, efficient, and pleasant, so comfortable that you just had to recommend that business to others in your community? Your insurance agency can work to achieve this as well. You and your administrators work hard to track your customers, return calls and emails, and manage insurance quotes and claims paperwork. However, sometimes it can get overwhelming. If you’re still scraping by with basic computer software, consider implementing a customer relationship management system (CRM) and an agency management software package instead. With reminders and simple forms, these systems allow you to ensure that your customers are cared for and that those who manage the paperwork feel more competent and less stressed.


Improve Customer Relationships

Everyone likes to feel known, and your leads are no exception. Lead management software can help you understand where your leads are coming from and track their needs, interests, and connections to your agency over time. When you use better technology, you can also set reminders to allow you to follow up easily on customer calls and emails.


Develop a Solid Website

How is your website working for you? Your website is one of the key components of your marketing strategy. When you have a clean, professional site with areas for your customers’ diverse needs, you’ll easily move leads along your marketing funnel and they’ll become interested customers. Make sure that your site has clear invitations to subscribe to newsletters and email lists, and populate it with solid content that will draw visitors in, establish you as a respected source in your field, and encourage your customers to share.


Move Your Marketing Forward

Technology is also an essential part of outbound marketing and lead follow ups. Marketing automation software can help you target and generate personalized content that turns your leads into customers. If you rely on phone messages to get new business or to send reminders to your existing customers, you may also consider automated dialers. These phone tools allow you to leave messages or to connect the customer to an employee when someone answers the phone.

When you’re working to boost your technology and increase your success, contact the American Agents Alliance.  We’re a national insurance association dedicated to serving the needs of independent insurance agents & brokers. We’re here to support you as you develop your insurance business. Contact us today to see how you can access agency consulting services and affinity discounts that will help you establish sound and solid technology at your insurance agency.

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