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Why Local SEO Should Be a Critical Component of Your Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

Buy local: this certainly applies to the tasty local produce you’ll find at the farmer’s market, but does it apply to insurance? When you’re selling insurance, you may have a wide audience that spreads across your state or even across the country, but there’s great value in seeking out your local markets as well. Locally-oriented SEO should play a key role in your insurance agency marketing plan.


Why Local SEO Matters in Insurance Agency Marketing

While you may be a large-scale business that can provide insurance needs to people across your state, many people are attracted to local businesses. They like to buy local. They want to be able to stop in and get to know you. They may also need insurance in a hurry, and they need to talk with you about their options. Whatever their motives, it just makes sense to optimize your website for this local audience.


Optimizing Your Site for A Local Audience

Local SEO incorporates your particular location as a keyword on your website. However, you not only need to add your keywords, you need to make sure it’s in the right places. Add your keyword to your text, but also place it into headers, image captions and alternate text, and into your landing page title and URL. This gives search engines many cues that should lead locals to your business. Review your search engine queries over time using your website analytics program to see how potential local clients are finding your business online, and adjust your strategy accordingly to incorporate popular keywords into your web content.

Add your NAP to your site as well. NAPs aren’t just for toddlers: this acronym stands for name, address, and phone number, and it’s key to have this consistently throughout your website when you want to attract local business. Consistency is very important here: if your NAP is incorrect in a single directory or in one part of your site, it can lead to incorrect online indexing. Your site, as well as local online directories like Google Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, and others must have the same NAP for your business.


Building Local Links Can Improve Your Ranking

Showing up in your local search engine rankings isn’t just about making sure that you have the right words on your website. It’s also about using online tools to make sure that your listing pops for those who are seeking local insurance. If you haven’t populated your Google My Business page, now is the time. Add a description and photos of your business, and make sure that you have a consistent name, address, phone number, and opening hours so that people don’t get confused.


Seek Out Local Reviews

Reviews add local credibility as well. These can be Google reviews, Yelp reviews, or other reviews. Not only do reviews tell your leads about your business, they also improve your local rankings. Create a customer page that encourages your existing clients to add their reviews. When you’re first starting out or renewing your website, ask your existing client base to provide reviews. This acts as a base of satisfied customers who will not only be likely to add reviews, they will likely add positive ones.

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