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Why Should You Work for a Small Insurance Agency?

Whether you’re just starting out in your insurance agent career or you’ve been a longstanding part of the insurance field, you need to choose where you work and why. Insurance companies are diverse. Why should you choose to work for a small insurance agency?

You Have Choice

While large companies have a lot of jobs, small companies are more common. According to Monster, “there are over a million small employers, compared to just over 3,000 large ones, so your selection when applying for a job is much greater.” Working for a small business can take you to a small town or a big city. You can focus on a niche insurance business or a mom and pop insurance company.

You Have Opportunities For Growth 

Should you work for a big company or a small company? While it might seem like a large company would have more room for you to grow, small insurance agencies also have a lot of scope for growth. That’s because people in a small business environment play multiple roles.

According to Target Jobs, “Work experience at a small organization is unlikely to follow a standard, predetermined schedule and it should be possible to give you opportunities that reflect your interests.” You become more of a generalist than you might be if you were in a business with more employees.

In a small business, you also face common challenges along with your co-workers. For instance, a large insurance company might have an entire department dedicated to marketing. A small insurance business may need to outsource or invent ways to market your business yourselves.

You Can Talk With Your Boss

In a small company, the hierarchy tends to be flatter. You can talk with your boss because your boss works in the next room. At a large company, you may never even be in a meeting with your boss, unless you work in upper management. If you’re an egalitarian at heart, a small business environment could be ideal for you. It’s especially helpful for those who like to shake up the system. If you enjoy being an agent of change, this flatter environment may appeal to you, as opposed to a larger business where effecting change tends to take longer.

You Can See Your Successes and Your Failures 

When you’re working in a smaller pond, what you do matters. You’re not just a small part of the whole. If you fail to satisfy clients or market your business well, you’ll see those results. If you excel in these areas, you’ll see those results as well. A small business environment lets you know that you’re important, and it gives you constant feedback about the success or failure of your decisions and practices.

You Can Focus on a Niche 

Some businesses are small because they serve a small community. For example, if your business focuses on high-end auto insurance, then you’re a niche business. This gives employees the opportunity to specialize. If an employee is passionate about a specific part of the insurance field, then working for a small business could be the right opportunity to settle into this niche.

Just because a business is small that doesn’t mean that they’re unsuccessful. Business owners may choose to stay small enough to function with greater flexibility and to ensure more personalized service. Its size can be part of its value to its clients and its employees. If you choose to work for a small insurance agency, do so consciously, and be proud of your decision to work in an intimate, dedicated working environment.

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