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Why Video is an Effective Marketing Tool for Small Insurance Agencies

If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider how a video could make an impact on your business. Videos seem like a big investment, but they are a powerful medium that can build a strong relationship between you and your website visitors. Whether you’re trying to keep current clients or attract new ones, a video is an effective tool in your insurance marketing toolkit.


Video Yields Connection

When you choose video, you choose to connect with your audience. You’re able to interact in a way that you can’t with text or a static photo. Video feels personal. You can share valuable content in a way that goes beyond text, truly demonstrating the points in your video with real-life examples. For instance, if you create a video that focuses on home safety for tenants, you can take viewers on a virtual home tour to look at common safety concerns. Video also allows your viewers to see and feel your brand. Be friendly, be personable, be informative: The way you interact on video represents the way your clients will feel when they connect with your agency.


Video and Social Media Are Made For Each Other

Video is also an excellent outreach tool. It’s one of those insurance marketing ideas that’s just as comfortable on your website as it is on Facebook or YouTube. As a visual medium, video is ready to succeed on social media platforms. Videos are interactive, shareable, and informative. Social media connection is the native land of Millennials, who trust content that their friends share online. Make a video with impact and utility, and your social media savvy customers will share your brand far and wide.


Videos Establish You as an Authority to Address Specific Needs

The up-and-coming generation of youth needs insurance as well. They’re seeking interactive content that feels personal and customized to their specific situation. If you can create video that responds to their needs and incorporates their questions, they’ll feel like you’re connecting directly with their areas of focus. For example, if you create an informative video that focuses on how new drivers can keep their auto insurance rates down, your video won’t feel like an ad, but like content that speaks to their needs.


Video is Versatile

While you can quote segments of text, video is even more versatile. If you have the budget, create a longer video that provides substantial content for your viewers. Extract multiple segments that can stand alone and target the specific needs of your audience. You can use each segment for a specific landing page on your site, or you can create bite-sized video segments that are under a minute that are ideal for Instagram or other short-form platforms. Video is a versatile medium that allows you to integrate your long and short-form media needs.

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