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Why You Need a Content Creator and SEO Specialist for Your Insurance Agency

If you’ve yet to jump on the Internet advertising bandwagon, then it’s about time you did.  After all, with billions of people accessing the Internet on a daily basis, the Internet itself is the most effective form of advertising you can take advantage of.  Your prospects are on the Internet right now searching for insurance.  Here are 4 reasons why you need a content creator and SEO specialist to update your insurance agency website so you can ensure it is reaching the people you are looking to target your insurance services to.


1) A Website Is Your Online Store

Just the same as you have an actual physical office – whether it’s an office building or out of your home – a website provides you with a platform to host an online store.  You can provide customers with a quick and easy way to see how you can meet their needs, and this is what an SEO and content creation specialist can do for you.


2) Persuasive Content is Golden

Content is content.  Great content consists of words that grab the reader’s attention and makes them believe you can absolutely accommodate their needs like no other agency can.  Keeping this in mind, your content must be incredibly persuasive as to make sure your prospect clients don’t go elsewhere.  Consumers are going to want to compare your prices against those of competitors, and a creation specialist can incorporate a price comparison tool within the created content on your website.


3) Geo-Targeting Your Audience

A content creator can also geo-target your audience, ensuring that the right people view your content.  After all, you don’t want consumers in Maine calling you when your services are offered only in California.  Content creation is heavily focused on SEO; keywords, keyword phrases, meta tags, meta descriptions, etc.  And while high-ranking Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) aren’t everything, they most definitely increase brand awareness.  A content creator will know how to boost your SERPs through guest blogging, inbound and outbound linking and creating content that is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.


4) Add Visual Appeal to Your Site

Content doesn’t just come in the form of words.  It also comes in the form of videos, images, infographics and more.  When you go about hiring a content creator, you should make sure that this person excels in creating numerous forms of content.  And keep in mind that infographics are especially effective at integrating words and images together, and they are a favorite among Internet surfers as well as videos.

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