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Why You Need Email Templates

It’s time to email your clients. Why are you procrastinating? When you’re in the insurance field, you know insurance, but you may not have honed your digital insurance marketing and graphic design skills. If not, never fear: there are many different email templates that can help you communicate with your customers and look like a design whiz at the same time.


The Importance of Great Graphic Design

When you’re developing an e-newsletter or promotional email, you know that your words matter. However, your graphic design is equally important to your insurance marketing efforts. Great graphic design may not be something that the average reader notices, but it accomplishes a number of goals.

  • It adds your brand to your email, conveying who you are in color, line, and image.
  • It gives your agency a professional feel: your emails have a feeling of authority, and they look integrated and cohesive.
  • It leads the eye from one part of a newsletter or graphic to another, highlighting your main points for the reader.

Why Choose Email Templates?

It takes years of learning to develop your design skills, and when you need to send out an email today, that’s just not realistic. In your busy work life, you also need to remember to add all of the spatial and text elements that you need in an email, including a header, a footer, and a call to action. An email template makes this simpler.

What is an email template? It’s a pre-developed graphic design tool that you choose to represent your agency. It contains areas for graphic elements and cues you to add specific types of text, such as an email summary. Most importantly, a template is a tool that saves you or your employees time during the design process. They no longer need to struggle to put together a good-looking newsletter, nor do you need to outsource your foundational design work to a professional who may charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for development work, depending on the time involved. With a template, your job is not to develop an email design from scratch but to slide your information painlessly into a chosen format that works well for your agency.


Choosing a Template

When you’re choosing an email template provider, you want to look original, professional, and well-branded. There are many templates to choose from, ranging from free templates with stock photos to templates that are integrated with your existing contact system. When you’re looking at email templates, what should you consider?

  • Ability to customize: Are you able to add your own images? How much can you change the layout of the template? You want the template to guide you, but you don’t want to look exactly like someone else.
  • Mobile friendly: With a huge number of people accessing your emails on their phones, you must ensure that your template has a mobile-friendly design.
  • Technical support: Even though email templates can be easy, having excellent and accessible technical support from real people will help you through your initial design of your email.
  • Integration with email lists: How does your template access your email lists? Do you need to import information each time? What information can you add to customize your lists?
  • Going beyond: Does your template provider offer options to add coupons for certain readers or target a portion of your audience with the offer of a new class? Look for programs like Constant Contact that go beyond graphic design to fully integrate with your contact lists.

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