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Why You Need To Invest in Your Website

What you’ll learn in this article:

  1. Why your website is the face of your business
  2. How your website can generate new business
  3. How to rank your website on Google


This intro will be short, but powerful:

People can tell when you’ve taken the time to invest in your website. If it’s not up to modern-day standards, people will click in and already be on their way out before the home page finishes loading.

Pull up – this is the new normal when it comes to insurance agent’s websites. Clean, modern and easy to use.

A modern website is crucial to your agencies growth over the next 5 years and it’s also very attainable


First Impressions Are Important:

Think about your website the same way you’d think about your image during a networking dinner or important client meeting.

You take the time to prepare your message, your approach and your presentation. You want everything to line up so there are no doubts in the mind of anyone who meets you that you’re their guy or gal for the job.

You MUST view your website in the same light – you might not know when, or who, but businesses and consumers are shopping their insurance every single day—and guess who they are bringing their business to? Agents whose website, social media, and complete web presence are well articulated and professional—they want to know that you are doing well enough to invest in yourself, or else how are they going to be confident you will be invested in them?


Taking Your Site to The Next Level:

Once you’ve painted the beautiful image of your brand across your website and social media accounts, it’s time to start having some fun.

If your website is well optimized, it naturally has a better chance of ranking on Google for keywords like “Inland Marine Coverage” or “Flood Insurance”

If you feel you’ve done everything right and are still not ranking, it means that you’re overlooking something – maybe it’s time to ask an expert.

Google has a complex algorithm that decides who gets to be listed on the first page and who doesn’t. There are dozens of items that go into this decision, but some of the most important are links from other websites back to your site, Google Reviews, and on/off page optimization for keywords.

Investing in your SEO is crucial to the long-term, sustained growth of your agency.

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About The Author: 

Connor MacNeil is the founder of Jump Suit Group – A digital marketing agency based out of Boston, MA. JSG has partnered with American Agents Alliance to offer their members consulting and marketing services at an extreme discount. 

Jump Suit Group has successfully helped to grow dozens of independent agents across the country and worked with The Big “I”, The North American Insurance Alliance and The New England 1752 Club.

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