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Why You Should Make a Company Twitter Account Right Now

If you’re one of those people who joke about barely being able to navigate your email or who wouldn’t know how to begin checking Facebook on a smartphone, then you probably haven’t considered creating a Twitter account for your business. This is a mistake that many people who have been in the same business for a number of years make.

Some statistics show that there are about 600 million search queries per day on Twitter, meaning that a company’s posts have an opportunity to be found approximately 10 times per tweet.

How do you further improve these odds? Use keywords, just like you would in a basic search engine marketing strategy. Businesses like those that offer products and services such as Texas home insurance, auto coverage, or even just providing free policy reviews can be found relatively quickly since many insurance providers have yet to jump on the social media bandwagon.

As if you needed any further reasons to join the Twitter community, here are several reasons that you may not have considered:

  • Even the busiest CEO can use it. As the face of a company, it is important for members of senior management to have an active web presence. Twitter requires that new posts be 140 characters are less, which means that executives who work 14-hour days need only take a few seconds to speak their peace and gain followers for their business.
  • Users can hear what people are saying about their brand. When your company has a Twitter account, users who want to discuss the business can mention it in their posts, and in turn, administrators who manage the company’s Twitter account can easily track what people are saying about them – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • It’s much more likely that a high-profile business owner or celebrity will respond to a tweet than a phone call or email. Therefore, companies can use the site to do just this. Who knows, you could get an unexpected endorsement, a pat on the back, or tips from someone who has been successful in doing what you aim to do. Many people have sung the praises of social media marketing, so what could it hurt to try? Simply starting a company page and re-tweeting interesting news bits may gain you more followers than you would expect a Texas life insurance company could get!


About the Author:

Gary Pollard is President & CEO of, Gary Pollard Insurance Group, located in Spring, Texas.

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