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Winter is a Great Time to Reach out to Clients

The winter season brings much-anticipated snowfall, ski trips, and large holiday gatherings. While many people focus on the upcoming fun that winter promises, they don’t often think about the hazards that cold weather presents too. This makes winter the ideal time for insurance agents to contact clients for a policy review. The following cold-weather hazards often catch people off guard, but being properly insured will stop them from ruining winter fun.

Liability Insurance Needs

When clients are planning their annual neighborhood Christmas party, they are probably more concerned with ordering enough shrimp than with making sure they have enough insurance coverage. That’s why agents should point out that large household gatherings put homeowners at a larger risk for lawsuits. Emphasize that increasing liability insurance has a low up-front cost but comes with the security of knowing that if someone trips walking down the stairs the insurance policy will cover medical and legal payments.

Auto Insurance Needs

Even the most cautious of drivers are at the whim of Mother Nature when icy road conditions occur. Clients who live in ice and snow-prone areas need enough coverage on their vehicles to cover accidents like sliding into mailboxes or light poles due to skidding tires. They also need enough liability coverage in case they accidentally slide into the neighbor’s car or house.

Additional Insurance Riders

Many clients mistakenly assume that recreational snow equipment, like snowmobiles, is covered under either their home or automobile insurance. It’s a good idea for agents to remind their clients that these items are not typically covered unless an additional rider is purchased. Similarly, while most skis and snowboards are covered by home owner's or renter’s insurance policies, many clients don’t realize that there is a reimbursement cap. Those who have expensive recreational snow equipment may benefit from an additional rider in case theft or damage occurs.

Travel Insurance

Finally, as snow bunnies start to plan their ski vacations, they don’t think about losing all of their money if they get sick, a heat wave strikes or their flight gets delayed. Talk about the benefits of a travel insurance policy, which will cover the loss of any deposits or tickets that are non-refundable.


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