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Working From Home and Staying Motivated

Working from home, in theory, is quite liberating. But, many people find that the reality is not the carefree daydream they’d anticipated. It can be difficult to stay motivated, productive and satisfied when you are working solo from home. For most people, the best things you can do is mimic some of the structure of a regular office.

  • Get up at the same time every day.
  • Get dressed for work, even if you will not be meeting with clients.
  • Set regular working hours and breaks to build discipline.
  • Consider adding a workout to your routine. Studies show that regular exercise increases productivity.
  • Combat loneliness and dull moods that can come with isolation. Having a network of colleagues who you can talk to can help break up the monotony of long days alone at home. You can meet local professionals in our industry through the American Agents Alliance.
  • Make regular networking coffee dates for keeping up with news from the insurance industry and simply enjoying those social interactions that you might miss from working in an office.

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