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You Are What You Write

Watch your tone. Your parents said it to you, and here you are hearing it again. When you write, it's about much more than correct spelling and grammar or doing impeccable research. Those elements of your writing are important. However, what really defines your insurance brand is your tone. The way that you write is an integral part of your insurance marketing.

Different Companies Strike Different Tones

What kind of company are you? Some companies present themselves as witty. They demonstrate this throughout their branding. They have a playful logo and their marketing materials, such as their blogs, lean to the fun side, while adding a dose of important information for their readers.

For example, Volkswagen often strikes an amusing and family-oriented tone in their content, such as in their ad The Force, in which a small child tries to start a car using superpowers.

Other companies address serious issues with a serious tone. Due to their subject matter or the type of product that they sell, a silly, hip, or edgy approach would be inappropriate. You need to decide what your corporate brand feels like and strive to be consistent.

Your Tone Should Be a Consistent Part of Your Insurance Marketing

You want your clients to see your agency as consistent and reliable. They need to know what they're going to get from your company, whether this is exceptional customer service, detail-oriented management of an insurance claim, or consistent writing.

Keeping your writing tone consistent allows you to project your values, ethics, and corporate personality to your readers, again and again, giving them a feeling of security. They feel like they know your business and they can rely on it.

Your Tone Should Match Your Audience

The way that you write should match your intended audience. Different audiences respond well to different writing styles. Your audience's expectations should also influence the way that you write. You can aim to meet those expectations – or to surprise your audience with something completely different.

For example, if you're writing about natural disaster preparedness and insurance, and you want to use examples from past disasters, your audience probably expects a thoughtful and compassionate tone. Consider who you are and who you've been as a company, but also consider how your audience would expect you to behave in this situation. Write it that way.

Your Images and Your Writing Must Match

Your branding extends beyond your writing into the tone of your images as well. Your images should complement the tone of your written content. For example, if you're writing about medical insurance, you could express the need for insurance through words and pictures in the following ways:

  • Be humorous: a photo of someone slipping on a banana peel, with a note that it's important to be ready for anything.
  • Be kind: an image of a grandchild helping a grandparent, with a note that explains that it's important to care for your loved ones.
  • Be cautious: an image of someone recovering after a car crash, with a note about how injuries can happen to anyone and that it's important to get ready.

These images and captions complement each other. While each encourages the reader to purchase medical insurance, they all strike a different tone.

Your Tone and Your Content Should Match

What topics do you choose for your blogs, ebooks, webinars, and more? If you're striving to be taken seriously, then you must choose topics that lend themselves to that tone. If you want to be lighthearted, your topics should match as well. A mismatch between your content and your tone could backfire.

For example, if you're writing about avoiding car accidents in the winter months, being too witty about auto injuries could put off customers who've experienced a serious accident. Match your tone and content, or be prepared for criticism if you choose to address them in a way that's unexpected.

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