Using YouTube to Effectively Market Your Insurance Agency

As a Tampa insurance agency, we not only care about providing our commercial clients with the best coverage for the best price, we want to see their business succeed. That is why we started our Partners of Patrons program. Besides sending out monthly emails endorsing a featured partner, blogging about them on and talking about them on our Facebook page, we create videos for them and post them on YouTube. Sometimes we do an interview with the business owner, in which we ask them questions like:

  • What makes your business stand out from others like it?
  • How do you reach the modern consumer?
  • How has Patrons Insurance earned and kept your business?

We also make short (under 1 minute) ads where the owner can invite viewers to come and check out their business, as well as share important information like location, hours and services. Finally, we create slideshows using images and clips and set it to music. With each uploaded video we try and follow YouTube’s best practices. Each video is tagged with key terms that will help draw in potential customers for our clients and it includes the web address, phone number and physical address for our client and our agency. Then we embed the videos in blog posts and share them on our Facebook page on a regular basis. Itʼs a great way to help our clients succeed in business at no extra cost to them. We even share the videos with the client so they can use them on their website, Facebook, blog or YouTube channel. We don’t mind because each video ends with “A Patrons Insurance Video” It’s a win-win situation!


Bio: Tim McGuire, President of Patrons Insurance Agency, has been in business insuring the Florida community since 1991. Tim and Patrons Insurance Agency currently support the Juveniles for Jesus program by helping increase their presence onto the web. Through strategic social media marketing, Patrons Insurance Agency, Inc. has helped to promote and gain exposure for the Non-Profit.

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