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Now Through March 1, 2021

The Insurance Agency Engagement Series is a virtual platform designed to keep you inspired, informed, and connected — all while practicing safe social-distancing. Together with our loyal partners, we are offering insurance agents a platform filled with ongoing offerings of valuable insurance-related content, including but not limited to webinars and discounts on products/services. We hope you take advantage of these resources as we work towards empowering independent insurance agents and brokers to thrive through advocacy, education, and networking.

Check back regularly as this list expands.

Engage, Educate, and Save

Educational package includes special discounts, webinar, white paper, 30-minute managed accounting consultation, and an Agency Nation podcast on the future of HawkSoft’s agency management platform.

Now through March 1, 2021

HawkSoft is pleased to offer this special American Agents Alliance “Engage, Educate, and Save” package to thank you for all you do as an independent agent. Whether you’re looking for a new management system or your current one is meeting all of your needs, we share these resources to help your agency maximize its potential. Sign up with HawkSoft before March 1, 2021 to receive special discounts.

GeoVera Educational Virtual Training

Learn how GeoVera Insurance Company can help your clients with their Earthquake Insurance needs.


Don’t miss the chance on meeting with one of our Sales Leaders for a one on one agency virtual meeting to learn how GeoVera Insurance Company can help you and your clients protect their financial future from an earthquake. Please contact one of our Sales Leaders to schedule a virtual meeting at (805) 404-5101 or by email at We look forward to providing you with the financial security you need.

Flooding after Fire

Learn in 10 Webinar

January 12, 10-10:15 am PST
January 20, 1-1:15 pm PST
January 26, 9-9:15 am PST

The Western United States just had its worst fire season in recorded history with over 30 major fires and 10 million acres burned. Fires dramatically alter the earth’s ability to absorb water, creating a second devastating peril of flooding in areas that would otherwise not flood. Our Learn in 10 Webinar will help agents understand this peril so they can better advise their clients on the need for flood insurance in and around impacted wildfire areas. The Three 15-minute webinars will be January 12, 10-10:15 am Pacific, January 20 1-1:15 pm Pacific, and January 26 9-9:15 am Pacific.

NOTE – Although these webinars have passed, it’s not too late to learn more about the importance of flood insurance and how to best advise your clients. Simply get in touch with AonEdge today!

Kickstart 2021: 4 essentials for agency success

On-Demand Webinar


Remember the way agencies did business ten years ago? It’s a whole lot different now, and much like 2020, next year will undoubtedly present new challenges. The traditional methods of running an agency are outdated and ineffective in an evolving environment; it’s vital to ensure that your agency is ready to charge into 2021 with a solid foundation. Watch the on-demand webinar, to hear from a panel of experts and agency leaders on how best to prepare your agency for growth in the new year.

Free Instant Quotes for Trucking & Commercial Auto!

Learn how to receive quotes from multiple markets in minutes! 


This webinar will teach you how to submit Trucking & Commercial Auto risks through the Appulate online platform and receive multiple quotes from all of Brookside’s markets in minutes. All this can be accomplished by having you answer a simple questionnaire and transferring the information to various markets with Brookside’s database so that you don’t have to rekey data. There are no fees or monthly cost to use the Appulate platform. It is completely free and you don’t even have to be appointed!      

Arrowhead’s Value Select Residential Earthquake Training

One-on-One 30-minute Training Session


Protect your clients with industry leading earthquake coverage. Arrowhead’s Value Select residential earthquake program with Palomar has the best coverages and lowest deductibles in the marketplace. Contact Zander Walker at to setup a brief training session to learn about our product and system. This brief, 30-minute session is great for new producers, staff and as a refresher. Make sure your clients are prepared and protected with earthquake insurance. They will be thankful you did!   

FREE 2-Hour DIC CE Course!

Live & Interactive

Feb 3, 2021 – 10:30 am

In today’s distressed property market, knowing all the options that are available helps you make informed and educated decisions for your clients. This class will be taught by both Robert Large (SVP of Product & Marketing) and Ed Main (Director of Insurance Sales) with a combined 50+ years of industry experience. Here are some of the items we will be discussing:

State of the Market.
Learn about why we are here with losses paid discussion, climate change and the “new normal”.

Benefits of a DIC Policy.
We will look at the difference between an E & S policy and FAIR Plan/DIC combo and how coverage’s and regulations vary.

Admitted Property Package.
What do you get with the DIC Policy and FAIR Plan option? We will discuss in great detail.

FAIR Plan background.
The history of the FAIR Plan and how it is backed and run.

Customer Experience Educational Package

Learn what is customer experience, why it’s important, and how you can create a great customer experience that helps your agency grow.

February 4 (Live webinar)

Did you know 89% of consumers switch to a competitor after a poor customer experience? But, what is customer experience? It’s a common misconception to think customer experience and service are the same thing. The truth is that customer experience is more than just customer service. With the right tools you can create the right experience to better sell, service and retain the modern consumer. ITC has put together a special package of educational content to help you learn how to create a great customer experience. Don’t forget to join us for the live webinar on February 4! ITC CEO Laird Rixford will be sharing the next generation of online rating.

Digital Marketing.....

Where to start before it’s too late!

February 4, 2 pm PST (Live webinar)

In this webinar, we will be teaching you the basic fundamentals of how to prepare your business for our digital marketing age.

You may not think that you will be marketing digitally, but it is definitely the future, so why not build your foundation so when the time comes you are ready.

During this webinar, Skip Gilleland, the Vice President of Marketing will be discussing the “Must Haves” for tracking and retarget marketing online.

Have you ever wondered how platforms like Facebook and Google always show you ads for what you have been looking for? Do you want to show potential clients your ads when they are looking for your service? If they look at your website, would you like to show them ads on Facebook?

Questions? Please reach out to us.

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