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All About You: Create a Knockout About Us Page

It's a little awkward, like introducing yourself at a party and there's someone you'd like to get to know. You want to seem intelligent, yet humble, approachable, and engaging. The same feeling applies when you're creating your company's About Us page. What tone should you use to convey your expertise in the insurance field and encourage people to purchase from your business? You may wonder whether you really need to put much effort into it. After all, people are interested in your insurance products, not your people, right?

Wrong! Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your site, and you need to make it an insurance marketing knockout.

Setting the Tone of Your About Us Page

Your website and your insurance marketing strategy as a whole should have a strong and unified tone. Whether you're approachable and community-oriented or you focus on having a dignified and professional feel, your About Us page must be united in that tone. This tone is not only about writing: it's about the graphics you use to portray your staff and the design of the page itself.

Whatever tone you take, your About Us page must position you as an expert in your field. It synchronizes with your blog content, other web pages, and other insurance marketing to show that you have the experience to serve your customers well. Your About Us page is a less formal online resume of sorts. Use it to focus on your strengths and share them with an audience who's eager to see those strengths and feel confident in your business.

Key Questions to Answer On Your About Us Page

People go to your About Us page in part because they want to know who's behind your services. Will they get the right advice? How long have you been in business? When you create an About Us page, you need to answer some key questions for these visitors:

  • Your company vision. Why are you in business, and what do you believe?

  • Your company history. Tell your visitors a bit about your experience and how you've changed over the years.

  • Your team members. Who founded your company, who leads it, and who works at your insurance agency?

  • Extra value. Provide your visitors with a strong visual outline of who you are and what you do, or develop multimedia content that does the same thing. This is your concise summary that tells site visitors why your company is the right fit for them.

Creating a Standout About Us Page

Do you want your About Us page to really stand out from the crowd? Here are some ways that you can add your unique insurance marketing flair to your About Us page:

  • Create unique visuals of your staff in keeping with your overall tone. If you're a small business that's very active in the community, take staff photos at recognizable community landmarks.

  • Use your About Us page to tell a story that aligns with your overall insurance marketing strategy. Did you help in a tangible way in the preparation and aftermath of a hurricane? Show your community contribution throughout your website.

  • Dare to have personality. If you have a strong brand or you're rebranding, consider how your eclectic visuals or oddball sense of humor will work into your About Us page.

  • Be human. If your tone is personable, step down from the professional podium and show your employees in a more casual light. Strive to be free of jargon.

  • Highlight customers' experiences. Don't just put these on the testimonials page. If you have strong quotes from customers, let them tell others about you.

  • Create enticing graphics. Everyone has little rectangular boxes with text beside it. Make your About Us page different.

  • Develop a video that explains your origin story, philosophy, outstanding community involvement, or another story that's unique to your company.

  • Surprise people. Use a single strong graphic as a background. Create a comic strip that highlights your insurance agency's history. If your branding focuses on how unique you are, don't settle for a regular About Us page.

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