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Are you using Google Analytics for Your Agency Website?

Your insurance agency’s website is an important tool to help your agency become more successful. Google Analytics offers free tools to help you monitor how successful your website is in attracting potential clients and driving conversions. Here are three things these tools can do for you:


Keywords and Terms

Google Analytics can show you which terms site visitors used to find you, and you can even see which terms resulted in additional contact. That’s important data that can help you optimize your site’s pages and content to attract more potential clients to your site. It can also help you optimize SEO so you turn up more frequently – and rank higher – in search engine results pages.


Inbound Links

You can also learn which site links people used to get to your site. That can also be helpful in developing your content strategy by letting you learn about topics that are most important to your site’s visitors. For instance, if you know a visitor came to your site after visiting a home improvement site, you know that’s a related topic they’re interested in.


Content popularity

Google Analytics can also help you see which of your site’s pages were visited and how long each visitor remained on any page. This data helps you learn what type of information your clients prefer so you can provide more of that type of content, and it can also help you identify pages that might need improvement. Using Google Analytics is one way to create better online customer engagement, and there are lots of other ways to improve client experience and increase your agency’s ROI. Visit the American Agents Alliance website to learn how we can help you grow your customer base and reach new levels of success.

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