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The Top Ten Benefits of Attending Insurance Industry Conferences

Insurance industry conferences are a great place to learn, network, and have fun. There are many benefits to be found at these events, beyond the obvious CE credits and networking receptions.

Read on to learn more about the top ten benefits of attending insurance industry conferences, and make sure you’re registered for the largest P&C event in the West, the American Agents Alliance 2021 Conference & Expo, scheduled for September 23-25, 2021, in Palm Desert, CA.


The Top Ten Benefits of Attending Insurance Industry Conferences

You’ll find many benefits from attending insurance industry conferences.

  1. Re-energize yourself with interesting people and content. Insurance industry conferences are filled with dynamic, optimistic risk management and insurance professionals from around the world doing exciting and essential work. Being around the energy of other like-minded individuals focused on the same goals as you can re-energize you to go back to your day-to-day work. It is exciting to meet new people and hear new ideas – you can’t help but start to think bigger and feel more excited in a conference environment. These are benefits you can bring back to your day job to help you better serve your customers.


  1. Hear the latest research and trends. Industry conferences are among the best places to stay up to date on insurance trends and new research. Regulations change often, and it’s important to learn about new updates. Conferences like to have sessions focused on current issues since these sessions attract attendees. You can be one of the first to know about new developments in the field by attending insurance conferences.


  1. Time away from your desk helps you solve problems. Sometimes stepping away from your daily routine helps you see challenges in new ways. You may come up with the perfect solution when you’re not expecting it – while chatting with colleagues about their experiences over lunch at the conference, for example.


  1. You may find the perfect vendor. Conferences often have expo halls featuring vendors providing the latest in insurtech solutions. You may meet a vendor who can offer a solution to your latest problem, or perhaps can offer a way to streamline your agency that you hadn’t considered before. Even if you don’t need a vendor’s solution today, you may learn about a product or service now that will be the right solution for a future problem.


  1. Learn something different. Step outside of your comfort zone when selecting the sessions you will attend at industry conferences. Attending a session on a different line of business or coverage can expand your knowledge and make you better at your day job. You may learn something new to help your current clients or future ones.


  1. Build your CV and grow your industry credibility. Insurance conferences are a great way to show your commitment to excellence and continued learning. Add industry events to your CV and share what you learn with others at your agency when you get back – help everyone grow along with you. You will also establish your name within the insurance community by attending conferences and contributing to the conversation. Others will recognize you and your expertise – this can lead to referrals and ongoing business opportunities.


  1. Your next new hire or intern could be at the conference. Insurance industry events tend to attract risk management and insurance students. Some universities pay for their students to attend, and others get scholarships from the sponsor or Gamma Iota Sigma, the insurance and risk management fraternity. By going to insurance conferences, you could meet the perfect intern or entry-level hire for your agency.


  1. Get practice to improve your presentation skills. There are often opportunities to present or speak at conferences – you can submit a proposal to do a presentation or ask if there are opportunities to introduce or moderate a session. There could also be informal opportunities to lead a table discussion or report on your group’s thoughts during educational sessions. Asking questions and being engaged in sessions can help you grow your presentation skills and confidence.


  1. Access the latest tools of the trade. Insurance conferences are often filled with the latest technology tools to help you be more efficient and effective. You can view demos, play with VR, and talk with vendors. If you found just one tool to save your agency time, it could pay for your conference fee many times over.


  1. Bounce ideas off other colleagues. When you attend insurance industry conferences, you inevitably meet experts. Listen and engage when you have the opportunity to talk with colleagues, and you can learn from their experiences. Running your ideas through others at lunch or over drinks can help you solidify your plans and hear critiques from experts familiar with your challenges. This peer-based feedback can be invaluable to help you move forward.


And, of course, having fun with your peers in a fantastic location is always a top benefit of attending insurance industry conferences! When the conference location is convenient, warm, and close to other major attractions, fitting an insurance industry event into your annual travel plans makes good business sense.


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