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With new businesses popping up all over, it makes sense that a lot of independent insurance agents specialize in and write commercial policies. Managing commercial lines is no easy feat, and EZLynx has heard from some of the leading commercial agents in the industry about the time and process endured by managing commercial policies. We want to make that process easier for you.

EZLynx is thrilled to announce the commercial enhancements to our already existing. Management System! Within EZLynx Management System you can keep your entire agency organized with a myriad of simple yet necessary options. EZLynx Management System allows you to simplify your daily to-do’s with the click of a button.

The new commercial enhancements include options to generate and share single and bulk certificates, a simpler commercial policy entry system, and more. You’ll no longer have to remember which ACORD forms you need to complete for each line of business!

The EZLynx Management System currently offers agents a way to keep the mass amount of information each policy entails in an organized fashion, enabling agents and agencies to work smarter and not harder. You can find all of your customer’s quotes, policies, and documents in one place, safe and secure online with EZLynx Management System.

We love to learn from our colleagues, so if your agency is interested in learning more about our new commercial enhancement options, please contact an EZLynx representative today.

Inside EZLynx Management System is the Client Center. Our new commercial enhancements have the ability to allow customers to request certificates. Talk about a huge agency time saver! Agency-facing commercial settings will help your day-to-day workflow.

Come meet our team! You can visit EZLynx at our first annual user conference this fall! AgentLynx takes places this October 10 – 12 in Dallas, Texas. Join the brains behind the EZLynx products and features as we walk you through some exciting enhancements, tips and tricks on current products, and so much more. Registration is open via Don’t let renewal time slip up on you again without the right information at hand. Let EZLynx Management System simplify your day-to-day life.

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