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Following Up With Warm Leads From Social Media

A comment is just a comment unless you turn it into something more. When you’re reaching out to people on social media, you’re reaching out on a platform that has an incredible ability for interpersonal connection. By coming with ready answers, messaging and commenting within the platform, and scanning for opportunities to develop new leads, you’ll find success building your customer base on social media platforms.


Have Answers

When people ask questions on social media, they’re often looking for personal experiences with a company or for specific information that may be difficult to find online. Be there for those people.

  • Send them a link to a blog post
  • Provide them with a quick video from your website
  • Have an employee who is dedicated to providing a quick follow up within that platform
  • Offer to answer additional questions by text, email, or phone.

Connect With Private Messages 

Sometimes leads reach out to you. You can also make a conversation more private by moving it into messages. According to Hootsuite, “some 64% of people across age groups say they’d rather message a business than call or email.” By staying within the social media platform, you make communication easier for your leads. Answer their questions in the place where they are already engaging with your business: on their social media account.

Be There to Respond to Questions and Comments 

Social media is not a “set and forget” type of endeavor. When you have a social media account, you must be active on that account, responding to people’s questions and concerns. Hubspot notes that “Leads sometimes have feedback or questions about a recent offer you sent them, and many will turn to social channels to get their answer.” Be sure that you have employees present to answer these questions, send more information and opportunities for action, and do so professionally.


Put Yourself Into the Conversation 

People talk. If they’re talking about your organization or about a specific area that you can support, you can let them know. Monitor social media chat for branded terms that show that leads ready to engage with your insurance agency, and specifically look for mentions of your agency, geographic area, or area of business. Give them information, and refer them to your agency for additional support.

If your employees are happy to promote your agency, they can use their pre-existing social networks.

If your employees are happy to promote your agency, they can use their pre-existing social networks.

Connect Through Your Employees 

Businesses are made up of people, and the people you work with may be interested in promoting certain aspects of your business on their social media accounts. If they’re willing to post, ask your employees to follow up with a referral to your business or with more information from your business when people ask questions.

If you’re looking for assistance nurturing leads and learning how to reach out on social media, the American Agents Alliance is here to help. With automated lead nurturing and ongoing sales training opportunities, we’ll help you take your insurance marketing approach to the next level. Contact us today.

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