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The Seven Habits of Successful Insurance Agents and Brokers

Healthy habits can help people lead happy and successful lives. This truism holds steady for agents and brokers, too. These seven habits of successful insurance agents can help you grow your agency, be successful, and have less stress in your day.

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The Seven Habits of Successful Insurance Agents

Try these tips to be more successful and effective:


1.) Schedule your time efficiently.

When you plan your time, think about how to use it best. Many people falsely believe they should have something planned for every hour of the day to be the most efficient. But this will quickly lead to burnout. A better idea is to schedule fewer meetings and calls and try time blocking — adding blocks of unstructured time to your calendar. You can call it time for thinking, eating lunch, driving to meetings, or focus time, but make sure to include some unstructured time in every workday.


2.) Reduce distractions in your day.

Agents get pulled in many different directions daily. But these distractions waste your time and energy, leaving you less able to complete your tasks. Try putting your phone and messenger program on do not disturb or setting a focus period so notifications are silent. Close your office door or wear headphones if you work with others who distract you.


3.) Try the Pomodoro Technique for creative work.

When writing emails or sales copy and you need to be creative, try using the Pomodoro Technique. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work on one task for this time. When the 25 minutes ends, take a five-minute break, then do another 25 minutes of work. Continue the pattern several times, then take a more extended rest. This pattern of creative thinking may help you accomplish things more quickly.


4.) Use technology to gain efficiencies in your processes.

Innovations in technology can help you maximize your workflows and processes. Try communication tools to automate messages or CRM tools to manage customer information. Investing in smart technology can reduce errors and speed up processes. Insurtech vendors, especially those specially focused on improving agent processes, can help you gain more efficiency through new technology.


5.) Rely on strong lead generation partners.

Insurance agents rely on many partners to help do their job effectively. Having the best lead generation package possible means you can spend less time developing and nurturing leads. Rely on your lead generation vendor to help you be more efficient by reducing the time you spend on unqualified leads.


6.) Focus on the numbers.

Analyze the data you have collected over time to understand what efforts pay off for you. Some metrics may surprise you when you realize an activity does not have the ROI you thought it did. When you find steps or activities that do not pay off, find a solution. Decide if you can eliminate the task, automate it, outsource it, or do it faster. Sometimes people get attached to workflows because they are comfortable and routine — but that doesn’t mean these routines are beneficial. Look at your day-to-day with a critical eye to find the waste in your workflows and reduce or eliminate it.


7.) Stay educated on industry trends and changes.

Insurance is a dynamic industry that changes often. Besides being a requirement for your license, taking continuing education classes to stay current on new issues, updates, and changes is critical for agents and brokers. When you know your business inside and out, you can work faster and more efficiently. Errors slow you down and can create serious E&O issues if left unresolved. But by staying educated and current, you can better meet your policyholders’ needs by giving the right information the first time. In addition to your state-mandated CE courses, subscribe to industry publications, read trade journals, and check out insurance industry influencers on social media to keep an eye on trends.


Become a Member of Agent Associations and Resource Groups

Perhaps one of the best habits of successful insurance agents and brokers is joining a membership organization or affiliate group. For the best benefits, join an agent and broker resource group like the American Agents Alliance. Membership organizations designed specifically to help independent agents and brokers provide resources, discounts, and tips to grow your business and help you be more efficient.

When you are an independent agent or broker, having a membership group to help you network and find answers to your questions is an invaluable resource. Become a member today and see how we empower independent agents and brokers to thrive!

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