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Manage and Gain More Viability Into Your Sales Pipeline

Do you know exactly how many sales opportunities are in your agency’s pipeline right now?

Can you see exactly how much each one might be worth, and how many will close based on the agency’s conversion rate?

What about each producer’s close ratio?

Are you leaving money on the table from quotes you didn’t close because they slipped through the cracks?

Even though sales are the foundation of every agency, many owners do not have visibility into their producer’s efforts. Producers forget to reach out to lost deals from last year, and opportunities get missed. Many agencies use a separate sales tracker or a simple integration with their management system leaving the sales team disjointed from the rest of the agency.

As part of its focus on agency productivity areas, EZLynx decided to solve these problems by providing an insurance focused sales management tool that is fully part of the One Platform solution!

EZLynx Sales Center helps streamline lead management and the sales pipeline for agencies who want to manage the full customer life-cycle, round accounts, and increase new business.

Producers know exactly where to start each day and the next task to close the opportunity with the guided workflow. With this product, your prospects get a full-service experience during the sales process that transitions seamlessly into incredible service, because your whole agency can work from one system. X-Date automation reminds you to contact the right person at the right time to close more deals and never miss out on a sales opportunity.

This product puts EZLynx yet another step beyond anything else that exists in the industry, and it continues EZLynx’s ongoing mission to provide the complete customer life-cycle solution that agents need to remain productive, competitive, and to maximize their sales and retention potential!

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