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Marketing Insurance to Families in Transition

How can you best market to families in transition? While transitions happen all of the time, they are certainly more acute and common during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. If your clients or leads are moving, staying at home, or between jobs, how do you best market to their specific needs?


Acknowledge the Transition 

One communication strategy for challenging times is to make sure that you acknowledge the challenge and provide empathy and options to your insurance clients. In your client communications, be professional and acknowledge new options that you have created or would like to highlight for clients going through a transition in their lives.

According to Blue Orchid Marketing , your corporate communications should “use a calming, reassuring tone to deliver a positive message with warm, embracing visuals.” Use your insurance marketing to show that your organization is reacting in a steady, empathetic way.


Offer Options 

People in transition are looking at different insurance options and payment plans. They may choose to change their auto insurance if they are not commuting anymore, for example. It is helpful to have a shortlist of insurance options both on your website and online materials, and placed in front of your frontline insurance employees. That way, you can clearly articulate the options to clients and let them know if you have added new possibilities that may fit their specific situation.


Be a Trusted Resource

If your clients are moving or looking for different types of insurance options, they need information. Their main sources of information will most probably be from online resources. Make sure that your insurance agency is there for them with information; become a trusted resource for your clients and potential clients.

For instance, you could write a blog post that specifically talks about the steps to getting new insurance when you move. Adding this kind of information to your website will help new and existing clients find the reassurance that they need, and it is an effective form of insurance marketing that builds your agency’s reputation as a trusted resource.

Use social media marketing to your advantage.
Use social media marketing to your advantage.


Go Where People Are 

In a time when in-person interactions are riskier, more people are looking for options online. Use social media to its full advantage, and reach out to clients with information and options. According to the Social Media Examiner, “Marketing on social media is like having a digital salesperson.” Use your digital salesperson to its full effect at a time when many people are looking for information on social media.


Provide Employee Training 

Your employees probably already have some training and definitely have some experience working with clients who are challenging. However, when many of your clients are experiencing financial and emotional stress due to the pandemic, employee-client interactions can become more difficult than usual.

Communications and conflict training can help your employees feel more equipped with language and strategies for working with clients who are in distress or conflict.


Reassure Your Clients That You Will Be There 

Individuals and businesses are going through challenging times right now. In your insurance marketing messages, reassure your clients that you’re here for them for the long-term. Let them know that they can count on you now and in the future to answer their questions and provide them with insurance options.

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