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Motivate Your Agency All Summer Long

The office is heating up—and by that, we mean it literally! Summer is officially here, and your employees are well aware. As an agency owner, you may begin to notice a dip in productivity, especially on those really sunny days. Let’s face it: Everyone wants to be outdoors enjoying the nice weather! Instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, it may be best to express concern and add some extra motivation into the mix. There are a number of ways you can motivate your agents, CSRs, producers and administrative staff. This week, allow me to share a few techniques that I have found helpful and effective—agency owner to owner!

#1: Implement summer hours. This is your chance to be flexible when it comes to working hours. There are a number of options, such as allowing employees to take a half day once a week, half-day Fridays, or even three-day weekends. Three-day weekends may be tougher for agencies, but if you are interested in this great summer perk, ask your team if they would prefer to work an extra two hours, Monday-Thursday, in order to take Friday off completely. Most agents would be happy to!

#2: Casual Fridays. Suits and dress suits are a little stuffy for the summer. Implement a casual attire policy for Fridays, or even the entire summer.

#3: Take meetings outdoors. Instead of being cooped up indoors, take company meetings outside for a change. You may even want to purchase a picnic table for this!

#4: Throw company outings and BBQs. To show your appreciation this summer, organize a few company BBQ lunches or even an outdoor event. Sometimes, a little encouragement and the sunshine is all an employee needs to get work done. Try out a few of these techniques and see how it goes. Hey, you may enjoy these perks and activities, too!

Happy Summer!

About the Author: ​Lloyd Pro Group is an Atlanta-based insurance agency started in 1985. It now serves more than 15,000 clients various personal lines and business lines of insurance and services. The agency is dedicated to providing a customized approach and anticipating their clients’ needs to develop proactive risk transferring strategies.

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