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Simplifying Your Insurance Jobs

Streamline, automate, and simplify.  These buzzwords are appealing, but is it really possible to simplify the tasks you do to keep your insurance business running smoothly? Can you simplify your work life?

At your busy insurance jobs, it might seem impossible or impractical to simplify. After all, your business keeps you as busy as the next person, if not busier. Is there anything that your insurance agency can learn from the simplification movement?

Shorten Your To Do List   

Prioritization can simplify even a long list of tasks. Determine what will be the most important task of the day and make that the top focus on the list. Dedicate time to this task, and don't allow yourself to get distracted by all the incoming emails and reminders. According to The Muse, when creating your to-do list you should  "Assume you can only get one big thing, three medium things, and five small things done a day."

Reduce Your Meetings 

If your office has a lot of staff meetings, you know that a large part of the content in those meetings is not helpful to your specific insurance job. If you're the boss, talk with your employees about ways you can cut down on meetings and spend more time on projects. If you're not the manager of the agency, talk with that person and see if you can come up with creative, time-saving solutions together.

Reduce Your Paperwork 

Is it possible to have people complete forms online? Is there a simpler way of collecting that information? Zen Habits suggests that you should "eliminate paperwork in favor of digital" whenever possible. Reducing the amount of information that you need to shuffle around the office is a way not only to simplify your work life but clean your desk at the same time. 

Automate Responses 

While you don't want your insurance office to seem robotic and impersonal, you should automate what you can. Automation of routine tasks can help you save time that can be dedicated to more important responsibilities. For instance, if people often call or email to ask how to get to your office or where to park, you can include that information as a standard response in your voicemail or in an email that you can send out. Have an autoresponder answer some of those stock questions on social media. Just make sure you have an eye on your automated systems to ensure that you don't miss anything important. 

Outsource When You Can 

If you aren't a specialist in the area of video creation but you want to create a video about your insurance agency's services and products, by all means, outsource this task. The same goes for other activities that you find difficult or that require special skills or technology. For instance, you can work with those who are experienced in hiring to recruit your new staff. This allows you to focus on what you are good at instead of struggling with a new field.

At American Agents Alliance, we want your insurance jobs to be straightforward. That's why we've developed support systems to help you succeed. From networking to opportunities to post jobs and acquire business assistance such as discounted E&O insurance, we can help you simplify your insurance jobs.  Contact us today for more information. 

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