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Statewide Veterans Group Supports 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act

SACRAMENTO – Willie Galvan, State Commander for the American GI Forum of California, announced today their endorsement of the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act.

In California there is a loyalty discount for those who have auto insurance but only if they stay with the same insurance company. This initiative will allow the consumer to take control of that discount to shop for a better deal.

“The initiative is easy to understand. It is cost-effective and smart for Californians,” said State Commander Willie Galvan. “The military is supportive of this new initiative that takes into account the active military personnel who will be eligible for the discount.

Unlike earlier versions, we appreciate what this initiative does for so many Californians serving our country.” “This initiative is a positive change to the status quo in which a single day lapse for any reason means loss of discount,” said Galvan. “All of us want everyone following the law by getting auto insurance. This initiative helps accomplish that task.”

There have been significant improvements to make the initiative more inclusive for those who are presently insured and to reach out to those who do not have insurance. Military personnel receive the discount. Individuals who have lost their job for a period of up to 18 months also qualify for the discount; as do those who lapse coverage for 90 days for any reason. Children living with their parent(s) will receive the same discount available to their parent(s). Consumers will get a discount for each year they were insured in the previous five years. For example, if you had four years of insurance you will get 80 percent of the discount.

Unlike the present system, more people are protected. “It’s refreshing to see something being done to help the lives and pocketbooks of so many Californians. It is time we uphold veterans and military – and thank them for their efforts,” continued State Commander Galvan. The American GI Forum of California joins a growing list of supporters of the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act that includes USAA (the military insurance), the California Republican Party and Democratic leaders Don Perata and Senator Juan Vargas.

### Consumers Deserve to be Rewarded for Following the Law

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