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The Best Bonus: Planning Holiday Appreciation for Your Employees

How can you make this holiday season merrier for your employees? Whether your business is starting up, slowing down, or just moving along at your regular business pace, those in your insurance jobs deserve appreciation, and the holidays are a time that you traditionally express gratitude for those who support your businesses throughout the year. How can you best express that gratitude to your employees?


Make It Personal 

Personal gifts are the ones that employees appreciate the most. According to Real Simple, “gifting is an opportunity to let a person know how much you appreciate them, and show how well you know them.” As you debate what to give your employees, consider their personal preferences rather than giving everyone exactly the same thing.

For instance, one of your employees might avoid alcohol, while another enjoys entertaining and would love a bottle of wine. A personal gift shows your employees that you’re thinking about them. For a bonus, add a note explaining why you chose that particular gift. If you want to get many of your employees the same gift, find a way to personalize it. For instance, you could choose a gift that could have a monogram on it.


Avoid Corporate Logos 

Yes, you may have just ordered some great new office stationery with your logo on it, but that doesn’t make it the best choice for a holiday gift. For most people, gifts that sport a logo don’t really feel like a gift at all. They feel like a corporate promotion. According to Small Biz Trends, “giving an item that is specifically aligned with their interests can mean more than a generic token or promotional item from your company.” By all means, let your employees know that the gift comes from you, but try not to give branded gifts.


Choose Shareable Gifts 

If you have a larger insurance company with higher-level managers, know that they respond well to gifts that they can share. For instance, giving deluxe popcorn to your managers means that they can share it with others in the office. This makes them feel good on two levels; they receive a gift, and they can give back as well.

Choose gifts that are shareable online as well, especially if you are working with a younger staff. Choose wrapping that is beautiful and an experience in itself, and choose gifts that your younger employees can show to others online.


Appreciate Your Employees at Different Times of the Year 

Employee appreciation doesn’t only need to happen during the winter season. You can appreciate your employees at any time of the year. If your company has a work anniversary coming up or has experienced a recent milestone, be sure to celebrate. If you’re planning holiday gifts for your employees, gifts that come early in December can be higher impact than those given during the rush of holiday giving.


Set Up A Positive Office Environment 

All of the seasonal gifts in the world won’t outweigh a negative office environment. A positive working environment is the greatest gift that you can give your employees. What does this working environment look like?

  • Work that is meaningful and suitable for your employees’ skills
  • Training opportunities to allow your employees to enhance their skills and grow in their insurance jobs
  • Excellent communication that lets your employees know that they can come to you with concerns about their job or suggestions for the company as a whole
  • A company culture that is constructive and positive and focuses on feedback as a way to become stronger

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