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Unlock New Opportunities During Insurance Careers Month

The insurance industry celebrates Insurance Careers Month every February with an awareness campaign about all the various opportunities that exist in the risk and insurance space. Almost 3 million people work in the industry, which means opportunities will arise as some of these tenured employees retire or as new roles develop over time.

The world would not be able to function in the same ways, or in some cases at all, without the backing of the insurance industry. Insurance provides stability, freedom, and peace of mind to individuals and businesses, allowing them to make purchases and take risks. The industry will continue growing and evolving — and that means attracting new talent to fill gaps and open roles left by those who retire or move on.

For agents and brokers, committing to attracting and retaining talented new employees is a critical step in growing their business. Read on to learn more ways to celebrate Insurance Careers Month.


Insurance Careers Month Celebrates Diverse Roles

It would be impossible to list all of the various roles and functions within the insurance industry, and these roles are changing thanks to innovations in technology across the ecosystem. For example, more jobs exist now for IT developers, business analysts, and programmers because many traditional insurance companies are digitizing their businesses.

Other jobs are changing, and insurance companies need people who are flexible and willing to adopt new ways of working. Some insurers and other employers follow agile or lean management methods, so individuals trained in working in those environments may thrive.

Underwriters, claims adjusters, risk managers, agents and brokers, and many others across the value stream are using new technology to work more efficiently. This means some parts of traditional jobs are automated while AI handles other routine tasks. But insurance continues to be a people-oriented business, especially when it comes to the agency side.

Agents and brokers will continue to need to find and recruit new talent, and then find novel ways to retain the best talent once they have hired them. Retention is more of a challenge than ever as employees have remote options that didn’t exist in the past with such prevalence. But agents and brokers can proactively recruit and retain top talent by following some important steps:

  • Develop an inclusive company culture where people can thrive and perform.
  • Create a competitive benefits and pay structure.
  • Make it easy and fun to apply and go through the hiring process at your agency.
  • Establish a strong continuous education program where ongoing professional development is the norm.
  • Find ways to promote work-life balance or integration through creative benefits, remote work, or hybrid arrangements.


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