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Visual Social Media Platforms for Your Insurance Marketing

You know what they say about pictures: When you get a good one, it can speak volumes about the issue that you’re trying to address. Whether you’re speaking about automotive insurance options or teaching your customers how to ensure that their home is secure during flood season, you can use pictures to catch customers’ attention and teach them about an issue. As you explore social media platforms for your business, you’ll probably interact with Facebook and Twitter, but consider branching out and extending your insurance marketing to visual venues such as Pinterest and Instagram as well.


How Do Visual Social Media Platforms Work?

Visual social media platforms are similar to other platforms: they’re a place where you can work on marketing insurance by connecting to customers and prospective customers. You can encourage them to share with their friends as well. Unlike Facebook where you might engage in dialogue by asking a question or sharing a blog post, on visual social media platforms, your image is your dialogue. Create compelling visual content that tells the story of your insurance agency.


How to Work on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media venue where people can add items to their virtual pinboards. These items range from pictures that illustrate a “how to” article to information on an infographic. When you’re working with Pinterest, you can develop visuals that complement your blog content or visuals that stand alone, such as infographics. For example, you could create a pamphlet that outlines how people can make their homes more earthquake safe. Develop a visual to go with this, or add an infographic checklist. Make sure that your images are compelling and link to rich information. Develop your own content to send people directly back to your website. Make sure that you go through Pinterest’s website verification process to show users you’re a legitimate business. You’ll also have access to analytics on your data.


Marketing Insurance on Instagram

When you’re marketing insurance on Instagram, know that you’ll have a few moments to make an impression before your image is drowned by the others in your prospect’s feed. While Instagram feels more spontaneous, you can plan the photos that you share. For example, if you’re celebrating auto safety awareness, develop a photo in advance that shows a safe and good-looking automobile. Develop a caption and a visual that incorporate a call to action. Use Instagram to cross-promote with other retailers or community organizations, and remember to use hashtags so that you’ll be part of the community conversation on a particular insurance, community, or safety topic.


What Kind of Audience Will You Attract?

What kinds of people use visual social media platforms? Both Pinterest and Instagram occupy the time of just over a quarter of U.S. adults. Pinterest users are predominantly female and middle-aged, and half of them have children. They have a higher household income than average. When you’re marketing insurance to this audience, know that they probably have more assets to protect and they’re looking for the best way to secure them.

Instagram users are younger and the user base skews toward female, although not as prominently as on Pinterest. Instagram is a place to connect with your Millennial audience as they purchase their first rental insurance or plan to purchase a vehicle.

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