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Three Unique Ways to Extend Your Conference Experience

A sign of a good event is how memorable it is for participants long after the conference ends. Attendees who leave the conference feeling inspired, engaged, and with an action plan often feel more connected to the event. And as a participant, you can maximize and extend your conference experience to continue your engagement after the event.

Read about our top three tips for extending your conference experience and register now for the American Agents Alliance 2023 Conference & Expo!


Three Unique Ways to Extend Your Conference Experience

Going to an industry event or conference is a great first step. Attending shows your dedication to continued learning and your engagement in the industry. You have made a commitment to networking and meeting others who can help and challenge you in the future.

And now you can try our top tips for extending your conference experience to continue getting the most out of your investment.


Partner with someone you met at the conference to make a lasting connection.

You have a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your professional network at conferences. Be sure to make connections and follow up after the event to continue building the relationship.

But with some new connections, you may find a deeper relationship is possible, like mentorship or partnership. For example, if you connected with someone who runs a similar agency or who operates in your same niche you may want to meet regularly after the event to talk through challenges and get advice. Meeting a student or new agent may inspire you to form a mentorship relationship.

These new connections and relationships could help you land a client, learn a skill, or just make a new friendship in the industry. And when you return to the conference next year, you will already have a familiar face to join at lunch.


Dive into a new topic or idea you discovered at the conference.

You will likely hear lots of new things at the event. You’ll learn from people in different specialties and from various regions. Once you leave the conference, some of those trending topics may continue to inspire you. Taking an idea you learned about at the conference home with you and continuing to learn about it is one way to extend your conference experience.

With plentiful resources on most industry topics, you could spend time researching, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, and following experts on social media. This deep dive into a new topic will benefit you in several ways:

  • Helps you become an expert in a new niche or topic
  • Makes you more well-rounded and helpful within your network
  • Challenges you to think differently
  • Adds to the skills and resources you bring to your clients and agency
  • Introduces you to new people who are also interested in the same topic


Get involved with the conference at a deeper level next year.

Once you have attended an event, you may decide to return year after year to continue benefiting from the conference. If you plan to go back, you could offer to help the conference planning team. Many events have a volunteer committee that helps plan annual events. If not, maybe you can offer to organize a social event or help market the event.

Getting involved with a conference you enjoy attending lets you extend your conference experience year-round. You could get involved with programming or a good works charity project. Many events need more hands-on help, so offering your assistance and jumping in to help is often welcomed.


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