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Future Trends in E&O Insurance — What to Expect and How to Prepare

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The insurance ecosystem is dynamic and change is happening at an accelerated pace thanks to advances in technology and investments in innovation. Independent agents and brokers need to keep up with these changes, particularly as innovations affect trends in E&O insurance. Learn more about these future developments and how to stay current.


Stay on Top of Future Trends in E&O Insurance

As the world continues to evolve, so should insurance coverage. Policies have to change to keep up with technology and other risks and opportunities. Here are some trends likely to affect E&O policies:


More cyber coverage will be integrated into E&O policies.

Cyber risks continue to rise in many industries and insurance policies are evolving to help meet this need, including E&O policies. Integrating cyber coverage into E&O policies is helpful for business owners compared to purchasing separate policies and is a feature agents can look for when recommending coverage to their clients.


Increased customizations will be available with E&O policies.

Insurers have recognized the need to be flexible and offer various options for business owners, either through additional endorsements or packaged policies. This means agents can offer personalizations for policyholders with different needs.


E&O coverage is expanding into emerging professions.

The rise of gig work during the pandemic has continued and this has led to some new and emerging professions that need E&O coverage. People have expanded into new freelance areas requiring professional liability coverage and other emerging fields like tech startups and telehealth companies also need this coverage as they grow.


There will be a continued focus on risk mitigation and prevention.

There is likely to be an increased focus on risk mitigation efforts, such as training programs, awareness campaigns, educational resources, and increased communication. These efforts are directed at reducing the likelihood of an E&O claim being filed. Many other lines of business have refocused their efforts toward prevention in recent years, and E&O is likely to continue following that trend.


Remote work creates new potential E&O exposures.

Remote work became more prevalent during the pandemic and it isn’t likely to go away ever again. People enjoy the flexibility that comes with working from anywhere. But this ability to dial in remotely also opens up concerns about data security and privacy. Workers connecting via their home internet — or at a coffee shop or hotel — are more vulnerable to security breaches and employees might make more mistakes being in a different environment.


ESG and sustainability goals will bring new opportunities.

Businesses in every sector are more focused on ESG and sustainability goals. These measures bring new opportunities and risks to be addressed by various insurance policies. E&O risk assessments should start to include considerations for ESG factors, incorporating these metrics into the overall risk plan for the company.


For agents, staying ahead of emerging trends in E&O insurance will help them be proactive when meeting with customers and policyholders.


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