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3 Tips to Gain Insurance Agency Love on Instagram

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. According to Hubspot, our brains process 90 percent of our information visually, and we also process visual information much faster than text. Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing site has millions of users, and it's become increasingly attractive to savvy marketers who understand the power of visual marketing. Consider these 3 tips for ways to use this visual social media site to gain some insurance agency love to your advantage.

  1. Promote Your Agency Activities Make sure you get photos and short videos of your insurance agency activities. This could range from your office Ice Bucket Challenge to braving the weather to help a client with a serious claim. With permission, you can even seize the opportunity to feature your clients and other community members, and this gives you a chance to get noticed by their online connections too.

  2. Engage Your Community by Holding a Photo Contest Several large and small companies have increased their Instagram engagement by holding picture or video contests. All you need to do is ask each participant to place a specified hashtag on their entries. After the deadline, you might search for the tag and select a winner, or you might invite your online group to do it. For contest themes, you could select almost anything from holiday decor to beautiful local scenery. Prizes could range from mugs with your agency name to small coffee shop gift cards.

  3. Feature Your Clients Nothing will motivate community members to give your agency a call like seeing their coworkers, neighbors, or family featured by your agency. You could ask your most satisfied clients to supply you with a short review of their experience with your agency and a quick pose for an Instagram photo or even a quick video. This is bound to increase community interest in your agency.

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