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4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Agency’s Social Media

Using social media sites is a great way to keep in touch with current insurance customers and connect with new ones, but sometimes managing an online social presence in addition to all your other responsibilities can seem overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to make it easier:

1.) Share the effort. Ask different people in your agency to take over the responsibility of updating your social sites.  Not only does it ease your load, but it also helps them feel more involved in your agency’s branding efforts.

2.) Make it a habit. Set aside a little time each day in your regular routine to look for trending topics you might want to post about. Make a list of potential topics to help you decide what to write about during dry spells.

3.) Be selective about your sites. Rather than trying to post on all the social sites out there, start with one or two and then determine if adding more would be a good choice for your agency.

4.) Consider outsourcing. If your day is just too busy to keep your social presence updated, hire a vendor to do the task for you. Be sure to check in regularly to ensure your brand is being positively represented.

For more simple but effective tips on connecting with clients – both online and in person – take a look around our site and check out the many benefits we offer as a national insurance association for independent insurance agents.

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