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4 Reasons Why Exclusive Lead Generation Is a Smart Investment

Overview: An insurance agency needs leads. And if you want a thriving, growing agency, you’re going to continue to need leads over time – repeat business alone is not enough. There are several lead-generation tactics to consider, but exclusive lead generation stands out as a smart investment. Take a look at some of the reasons why.

1. Exclusive Leads Give You A Competitive Advantage

Put simply, you’re likely to be the first point of contact with an exclusive lead. That means that you have the best shot at earning their business.

Getting the jump on your competition comes at a price, but that jump is almost always worth the cost. Exclusive leads are more difficult to find than other types, so with exclusive leads, you are investing in the additional costs associated with generating those leads while conserving your agency’s time and resources.

2. Exclusive Leads Are Better Quality

Bad leads are more than frustrating; they are wasteful. Investing in exclusive leads can greatly reduce the cost of pursuing cold leads and increase returns.

For example, when purchasing live leads with the automatic nurturing we offer, you know that you’ll be talking to a party that already has an interest in your products.

3. Exclusive Leads Aren’t Dependent on Brand Awareness

One important thing to consider if you’re in a small agency or an independent worker is that people aren’t going to automatically know who you are and why you should be trusted.

When working with shared leads, brand awareness can give an agency an advantage over competitors. Consumers are simply more likely to go with a name they know and trust. If you’re not yet a known name, this is a disadvantage for you.

When you’re working with exclusive leads, you’re the only one talking to those potential clients; therefore, you’re not dependent on brand awareness for a successful pitch. This is a significant advantage for agencies that haven’t yet built positive brand awareness.

4. Exclusive Leads Offer Demographic Advantages

Use leads to improve your demographic targeting and max out your sales.
Use leads to improve your demographic targeting and max out your sales.

Everyone needs insurance, but not everyone needs your insurance agency. And trying to sell to everyone is unlikely to work. One of the more difficult yet rewarding things you can do is develop a sense of the demographic that you’re trying to sell insurance to.

Then, you have to market to that demographic. And that’s where exclusive lead generation might be helpful. While exclusive leads can be somewhat less selective than other types of leads because of their rarity, with the right filtering you can hone in on a specific demographic. Targeted exclusive leads can really give your agency what it needs to take off.

The American Agents Alliance can help you make the right decision about leads for your agency. To find out more about our exclusive lead generation program, contact us.

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