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Hosting Contests to Increase Insurance Leads

If you’ve ever been told that increasing your insurance leads is a difficult task, then you need to think again.  There are numerous ways to capture leads, especially when taking advantage of social media.  Let’s take a quick look at how you can boost your leads tenfold by carrying out contests on social media platforms.


Share and Refer a Friend

We all know that word of mouth goes a long way. So why not lean on your existing clients who already follow you to share your Facebook page and refer a friend? You can reward these clients with a $5-$10 gift card as a thank you for the referral they sent your way.


Donate to Charity

Consumers love it when companies donate money to charities of their choice.  By making a posting on your social media sites that for every call you receive from a consumer requesting a quote you’ll be donating $1 to a charity of their choice, you’re sure to enjoy a significant increase in leads.  The best way to do this is to pick out five to six local charities and let callers choose from those.  Make sure to gather follow-up information on any leads you receive by collecting cell phone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses.


Give Away a Prize

Make a posting on your social media profiles that you’re giving away a prize.  Ask your followers to contact your office for a quote and they’ll automatically be entered to win a prize—the best prizes include new TVs, gaming consoles, and smartphones/tablets.  Making that direct connection with the prospect once they reach out to you for a quote can lead to you becoming their insurance provider.


Team Up with Local Businesses on Social Media

Does your friend own a motorcycle shop?  A car dealership?  A mechanic shop?  All of these businesses operate in parallel to your insurance agency, and this is why you should be teaming up with them on social media.  Ask your friend who owns the car dealership to promote your services on his social media profile pages and in return you’ll promote his.  You can even host contests for one another; for every 100 Likes you get, you’ll give away a free oil change at your friend’s mechanic shop by randomly choosing one of your followers.  In return, he could direct all of his customers your way for all of their insurance needs.


The Takeaway

By hosting contests to increase insurance leads via social media you create the opportunity to invite new prospects to come and learn about you and your insurance agency.

If you’re looking for additional marketing tips for your insurance agency, join the American Agents Alliance.  Our national insurance association for independent insurance agents is dedicated to helping agents & brokers thrive through advocacy, education, and networking.

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