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5 Questions Your Clients Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

If you've ever felt awkward about your lack of knowledge, you're not alone. When you're purchasing a new product or getting advice from a professional, you probably know less than that individual does about the product that you're buying. As an insurance professional, it's your job to help your clients break through this awkward feeling, provide basic information, and encourage your clients to ask questions. The best insurance marketing ideas can't top basic trust and a solid relationship between you and your clients. Here are some of the reasons that your clients are feeling awkward about their insurance policy.

1. They Don't Know What Product They Need

If you are working with those who are new to insurance or new to the specific type of insurance that they're purchasing, they may not know exactly what kind of insurance they need. For instance, someone who's renting an apartment or insuring a boat for the first time will need extra help determining their insurance needs. Help them determine the type and scope of their needs, and they'll become dedicated clients.

2. They're Uncertain About Upgrades or Changes

When people are buying insurance, they can get worried about the sales pitch. What do they actually need, and what would you like them to buy? Be straightforward with your insurance clients. Ask them about extra assets that they have that may not be covered under their existing insurance plan, such as jewelry or collections of equipment or valuables. Make it clear that you're not trying to sell them something extra that they don't need – these items are not covered adequately under their existing plan. Explain your recommended upgrades or changes well to build trust between you and your clients.

3. They Don't Understand the Language

What is a deductible? What's actual cash value? When your clients don't understand the terms of your insurance contract, they don't really understand the contract. Avoid trouble later by encouraging them to ask questions now. Make sure that your insurance forms and your FAQ section of your website do a good job explaining some of the common terms that insurance buyers may not understand thoroughly.

4. They Don't Know What's Really Covered

When you're working with insurance clients, make sure that they understand what's really covered by their insurance. This allows them to make decisions about upgrades or changes and may impact other life choices that they make. For example, your home insurance clients are likely not covered for floods but are probably covered if a pipe ruptures in the home. Make sure that they understand this, and they may choose to purchase additional insurance or make different decisions about where and how they choose to live.

5. They Don't Know About Some of the Extra Benefits of Insurance

When you're working with new insurance clients or dealing with a claim, make sure that your clients understand the full range of benefits of their insurance. For example, they may know that they need to have insurance to deal with a repair after a kitchen fire, but if they need to be out of the house for a while, is their stay in a hotel or rental also covered? Often clients are surprised by what is covered by their insurance, because they didn't know to ask.

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