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5 Simple Ways to Cut Costs in Your Agency

Running an insurance agency can be costly, and learning how and where to cut costs can be a great help in stretching your budget.


Here are five tips to help you save more:

  1. Promote your business online for free by joining community groups and offering helpful, professional advice – but avoid the “hard sell” approach to avoid turning people away.
  2. Visit’s download area to find free and free-to-try software for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android.
  3. Volunteer within your community to network and build goodwill among your neighbors. This is a great way to build local word-of-mouth advertising.
  4. Host an informative event for people in your community to introduce yourself and your services. Just be sure to make it interesting for the target audience and avoid making it too sales-pitchy.
  5. Consider used office supplies and recycled ink products to cut costs. Many businesses make it a practice to update equipment every couple of years, regardless of how relevant it still is. Used and/or manufacturer-refurbished equipment can be a great deal, especially for small businesses where every dollar counts.


Bonus idea: Keep up with the blog at the American Agents Alliance website to get more ideas on how to grow your business.

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