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6 Ways to Save on Office Supplies for Your Agency

You need office supplies to run your insurance agency, but sometimes the costs can seem outrageous. Here are a few simple ways to save on the supplies you need and use every day:

  • Consider generics. Start with just one item to test for quality and then increase your supply as you become confident of the generic’s performance. If a generic is of poor quality, you’re not saving money – you’re creating headaches.
  • Buy bulk. If your office uses certain supplies in large quantities, you could save big by purchasing those items in bulk. And you could save on shipping, too.
  • Reuse supplies. Paper clips, clips and binders can all be reused once their initial use is done. This eco-friendly practice also helps keep discarded material out of landfills.
  • Be loyal. Ask your supplier if they offer a customer loyalty or other discount program and then sign up.
  • Print smart. Most printers offer lower-quality settings for draft documents. Take advantage of those options and save the ink-intensive options for final copies.
  • Remember your membership. Members of the American Agents Alliance can save by taking advantage of discounts with our affinity partners: OfficeMax, Lenovo, HP, UPS and Constant Contact. Log in with your username and password and start exploring the many discounts available to you.

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