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5 Ways Small Insurance Agencies Can Automate Social Media Marketing

Social media is ubiquitous, so it is an excellent way to connect with new and existing insurance customers. If you have been avoiding entry into the social media world, or you feel less-than-enthusiastic about committing time to posting online, that is understandable. After all, providing quality insurance is your priority. What if you had a backup in your social media messaging? Automating parts of your insurance marketing can help you concentrate on what feels most relevant to your business while contacting prospective customers online.


1. Location-Based Insurance Marketing

If you are curious to get the scoop on what locals are saying about your agency or if you would like to contact locals with special offers, you need a location-based social marketing program. Programs such as GoBabl will scan social media posts for mentions of your insurance company or insurance in your area. Engage with customers on multiple social media feeds so you can target those discussing your business.


2. Understand Trends In Your Industry

You want to understand your industry clients. While you can understand them better by talking with them and conducting surveys in person or on the phone, you can also understand them by looking at the trends that impact your industry. Use automated social media information collection programs like Sysomos to look at those who influence the industry discussion and track conversations that matter to your business. With this intelligence, you will be better able to target your insurance marketing on social media and elsewhere.


3. Automate Social Media Posts

If your agency has a blog or other important information you like to share regularly, you do not want to have to set up all of those social media posts every time you want to share. Look at social media posting tools like that allow you to create a single piece of content to share over multiple social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you like to post specific information regularly, manage your social media feeds on SocialOomph, and you will also be able to tap into the queue reservoir of evergreen posts, you add to your bank of posts and send out at regular intervals.


4. Train Your Social Media to React

What if you just don’t want to touch social media, but you have content you want to share? Use a service like IFTTT and set up actions and reactions. This service works on an “if this, then that” principle. For instance, if someone tweets using a specific hashtag that’s relevant to your business, you could set up a statement that would lead your Twitter account to connect with that person via a personal message. You need to consider what you want to set up and put thought into those messages, but once you set them up, they work automatically.


5. Send Your Blog Content to the World

You have just completed your latest blog post, and it is a gem. However, you are tired, and you do not want to promote it at the moment. That’s all right: with tools like IFTTT and Zapier, you can set up automatic posting from your blog to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. With WordPress plugins, you can encourage others to share your post. If you are concerned that your social media posts and blog content may get out of sync, you can develop an editorial calendar in CoSynch to ensure that all of your posts and social media updates feel connected to your readers.

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