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6 Creative Insurance Marketing Ideas For Independent Agents

Independent agents and brokers balance many different roles. They work as insurance advisors and experts, but they also must run their agencies — and that includes marketing their services. Read our list of the top six creative insurance marketing ideas and how you can implement them at your agency this year.


Creative Insurance Marketing Ideas for Independent Agents

Marketing with prospective policyholders looks different now than it did in the past. The ways we communicate and find information have changed drastically. Some marketing methods, like word-of-mouth recommendations from existing customers, will likely always be important marketing tools. But other ways of communicating and reaching new customers have emerged.

Try these top six creative insurance marketing ideas to reach new customers this year:


Use augmented reality for a new type of customer experience.

Agents could use augmented reality (AR) to give policyholders and potential customers a fun, immersive experience. Use it to share information and educate people about coverage, regulatory issues, changes to policies, and other helpful tips.


Embed insurance services with other local businesses.

Work with the local community to offer insurance along with a related service people are buying. For example, work with local realtors to offer homeowners insurance or life insurance when people purchase a home or with local veterinarians to offer pet insurance through their offices.


Rely on AI to personalize marketing efforts.

The trend toward personalization in marketing continues this year. Leverage AI-based tools to identify potential customers and segment them to market to their specific needs and wants. Create personalized marketing campaigns to appeal to the customer base your office is targeting.


Be a thought leader by using creative methods.

Supplement your traditional written thought leadership by starting a podcast or hosting a series of webinars designed to educate your target audience. Share information about your region or insurance tips to help your policyholders and potential customers. Be sure to cross-post your video content to your YouTube channel or LinkedIn page.


Try AI-assisted chatbots on your website.

An AI-assisted chatbot can interact with site visitors and answer questions. Some learn along the way and get better at responding to inquiries. You can program your chatbot with marketing messages or details about your services to help potential customers understand more about how you can provide value.


Add social media stories with behind-the-scenes content.

Humanize your brand by adding videos and stories to your social media content to show more about yourself and your agency. You can share humorous behind-the-scenes reels or talk more casually about your process and thoughts about insurance. People enjoy interacting with engaging content, even from insurance agents.


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