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American Agents Alliance Welcomes New Board Members

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The American Agents Alliance is thrilled to welcome our esteemed new board members, each of whom brings a wealth of experience and steadfast dedication to the insurance sector. These experienced professionals are uniquely equipped to make a substantial contribution, and we eagerly anticipate their induction into this leadership position.

Ajay Gupta

Owner of Gupta Insurance & Financial Services, Ajay Gupta holds a prominent place in the insurance and financial services industry. His career has been punctuated by remarkable successes that have earned him acclaim for his proficiency in commercial insurance. The notable achievements of his agency include being honored as Southern California’s Top Commercial Insurance Agency – an accolade which underlines its impressive performance record. Moreover, Ajay’s consistent ranking among the top 10 Commercial Insurance Agencies in the area along with holding Gold Card Commercial Agency status further emphasizes his expertise and commitment to excellence.

Chad Peakes

Originating from John E. Peakes Insurance Agency Inc., Chad Peakes represents a family business deeply entrenched within the insurance industry sphere. Starting off performing rudimentary data entry tasks, he gradually climbed up through various positions over time until eventually becoming President of the company – a testament to his unyielding determination towards professional advancement. Chad’s unique combination of practical experience coupled with leadership abilities makes him an invaluable asset on our board.

Kori DeLeon

A veteran in her field, Kori DeLeon boasts proven devotion and competence when it comes down to matters concerning insurance. Having served RTI Insurances Services as an agent for twenty-two years before acquiring ownership herself back in 2012 – Kori truly understands the industry! Her drive for perfectionism combined with innovative thinking shines brightly through her adept use of Insurtech alongside progressive strategies employed at work – all contributing positively toward making Kori one outstanding addition onto our esteemed panel!

Laine Caspi

As owner since 2010, Laine Caspi proudly represents Paratus Insurance Services. Her journey into the insurance world was far from conventional, as she found herself in this industry after closing a manufacturing business and struggling to find clear communication and satisfactory customer service while shopping for insurance rates. This led her to obtain an insurance license of her own and set up Paratus Insurance Services. Despite starting with little experience, Laine’s resilience along with guidance from American Agents Alliance helped propel her agency towards success. Her fervor for community work is evident through past presidencies at Rotary Club , Chamber of Commerce alongside current presidency over LAPD Devonshire PALS – organization that acts like bridge between law enforcement agencies & children coming out high-risk/low-income backgrounds.

A Moment of Thanks

Before we turn our attention towards the future under new board members’ leadership, we would like to take a moment and express a heartfelt thanks to our former board members, Mary Wassink, Alexander Eddy, and Mike Randles. Their invaluable contributions and dedication played a crucial role in shaping what the American Agents Alliance is today. We are genuinely appreciative of their tireless efforts to support the independent agent community and wish them the very best in their endeavors.

The American Agents Alliance is excited about the future with our new and current board members leading the way. Their combined expertise, unwavering dedication, and commitment to the industry will undoubtedly have a significant impact on shaping the future of the Alliance and the broader insurance community.


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