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Lead Generation Tips — Best Ways to Follow Up With Leads

Lead Generation Follow-Up Tips and Strategies

Once you have a lead, following up with it is important to establish and grow the relationship. Ultimately you would like to sell products to many of your qualified leads, but getting from introduction to sale takes time — and a solid strategy.

Try these ways to engage with your leads:


Send relevant email campaigns.

You will likely need to contact leads several times before they consider purchasing anything from you. During your email sequence, make the messages you send highly relevant to your lead. If you constantly send messages offering products that your lead isn’t interested in or cannot purchase, it shows you don’t know your customer’s needs — or don’t care enough to personalize the message. Be relevant and timely in your messaging.


Interact with leads and prospects over social media.

Use your social media presence to engage with leads and talk with them about products and services. This is a way to showcase your thought leadership and be an expert in your field. You don’t need to sell anything at this time but you can talk about solutions to common challenges your customers face. If you offer those solutions, you can also share that information.


Respond quickly to inquiries.

Research shows potential customers expect a fast response from companies, but many don’t live up to this expectation. HBR found almost a quarter of companies surveyed took longer than a day to respond to customers — and a full 23% did not respond at all. But studies also show that firms who try to contact potential customers within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify the lead compared with companies that wait even an hour longer. The takeaway is to move quickly with leads before they lose interest or move on to the competition.


Establish an omnichannel platform.

Omnichannel means more than just offering many different ways to communicate. It means meeting your leads and customers where they are and communicating in the ways they find meaningful. And these methods of communication may shift over time or according to circumstances. For example, some customers like to text their agent for help with changing their address or getting a copy of their ID card. They may like to log into the digital portal to make payments and if they have a claim many customers like to call their agent and insurer. Customers and leads expect their information updated in real-time across channels, so if they call a customer service agent after updating some information online the CSR should have access to the updates.


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