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Brand Building Strategies to Generate Leads

Having a strong brand identity is important for any agency. Your marketing efforts depend on it so spending time focused on brand building strategies makes good business sense. And when you have a solid brand you can use it to help generate leads for your agency.

Building a strong brand should be part of your marketing plan. You can even include some ideas in your initial business plan when you are first starting your agency — or write a new sales and marketing plan now to incorporate these branding ideas.

Read on to learn more about how to build a successful brand for your agency.


Brand Building Strategies to Generate Leads

Your brand accomplishes a few key goals for your agency:

  1.  Helps customers recognize you. Customers often recognize a logo, jingle, or another part of a brand’s presence first. By building a strong brand, you can help ensure your customers think of you when they need insurance and risk management services.


  1. Keeps customers more loyal to you. Your strong brand helps remind customers of the great work you do, keeping them more loyal to you even through price increases.


  1. Makes customers more willing to try new products or services from you. When you have a strong and trusted brand, your customers will be more likely to try new products you’re offering.


  1. Makes it easy for current customers to refer new leads to you. A great way to generate leads is by customer referrals. A happy customer who tells their friends and family members about your service helps you grow and develop your agency through the power of referrals — and having a strong brand makes it easy for your customers to refer their connections.


Try some of these brand-building strategies to grow your agency and generate leads:

Grow your agency and generate leads.


Spend time thinking about your core values, mission, and target audience.

Think of the basics about your agency — why you exist and who you serve. Be specific and write these ideas down to memorialize them. Don’t worry about editing yourself or making it perfect. This is an exercise in brainstorming, and you don’t need to share it with anyone — but it is a great starting point for your brand building strategies.


Write key messaging.

Take the ideas you generated in step one and use them to write key messages. You ultimately want your messaging to be consistent and clear, so creating some key phrases and sentences describing your agency and brand is helpful. If you struggle with writing, you can hire a copywriter or marketing agency.


Design a logo and color concept.

Now that you have some ideas about your agency, create a logo. Consider hiring a designer or using your marketing agency to help you. Think of colors to use with your logo and in your messaging. You can use your logo as your profile picture on your social media sites to garner more brand awareness.


Apply your brand consistently.

Now that you have developed your brand identity, use it often and consistently. Include your logo in your marketing materials and on your social media sites. Keep your messaging consistent by using the key phrases you wrote, and the brand colors you selected. Update your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to apply your branding across the pages.


Make updates.

Apply a continuous improvement model to your brand strategy. Keep updating it when it gets stale or when you think it needs a refresh — while staying true to your core identity.


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