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What Marketing Do Clients Respond to During COVID-19?

How can you connect in a positive way with your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic? As the pandemic continues, people are feeling worried and tired. Connect with your clients without overwhelming them further with insurance marketing messages.


Be Stable and Reassuring 

When other elements of your clients’ lives are not reassuring, be a source of stability and consistency. Even if your employees are working from home, strive to provide ongoing service to your clients over the phone and email, just as you did before the pandemic. Send out client emails, and connect with your clients via social media. Forbes  states, “In a time with so much uncertainty, you need to reassure your customers that you’re there for them and that your business isn’t going anywhere.” Strike a reassuring tone in your communications with clients too, rather than sounding at all alarmist.


Be Present 

More people are socializing, buying items, and spending time online these days, and you can do the same with your marketing. Your job is to go to your markets, ensuring that you’re there on social media to answer their questions.

Offer workshops or other resource materials to clients who are curious about your services, especially if they’re experiencing other potentially catastrophic impacts such as the insurance ramifications of forest fires. Be there for your clients and they will be there for your business.

Now is also the time to transform your website and social media presence, if you have the time and the means. Since much more business marketing is occurring online as people continue to stay and work from home, it’s worthwhile to invest time into your digital storefront.


Consider Paid Advertising 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of paid online advertising has dropped due to the fact that small businesses are not advertising as much, according to Neil Patel. Depending on your area and your keywords, this could be a bonus for your insurance business. If you have the means to do so, and you’d like to make a foray into online advertising, you could see a better return on investment than you would have prior to the pandemic.

Choose marketing methods that reassure and do not overwhelm your insurance clients. 
Choose marketing methods that reassure and do not overwhelm your insurance clients.


Focus on Meeting Needs with Empathy 

These days, your clients may have a harder time paying their bills. They may feel overwhelmed with fall and winter insurance issues such as seasonal storms, forest fires, and all of the health issues surrounding the pandemic. As you reach out to your clients and they reach out to you, provide your employees with the training to speak well with those in crisis and the leeway to help.

Helping people by providing extra information, reassurance, and education is good marketing, and as Neil Patel points out, “Anything you can do to help people out is appreciated, especially during this difficult time.” You may also see more direct and indirect traffic as a result.

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