December Blogging Ideas for Your Insurance Agency

‘Tis the season to run out of ideas for blog posts. Sure, you can wish all of your clients a happy holiday season, but many of you probably already sent out calendars, cards, or other promotional and seasonally relevant mailers for that. Good content marketing, which is what your blog posts actually are, needs to attract your community’s attention and position your agency as a good source of information and a caring member of the community. Here are a few December blogging ideas for your insurance agency:


1. Blog About Fire Safety & Other Potential Holiday Hazards

The National Fire Protection Fire Association says that the holiday season is associated with an increase in some kinds of fires and injuries. Even though some of the increase is associated with kitchen fires from spending more time cooking, many are caused by holiday decorations that include Christmas trees and Christmas lights. Also, even though these types of fires are not that common, they are usually fairly serious when they do happen.  This is a great opportunity to provide safety tips to your clients on how to avoid such hazards.


2. Blog About a Christmas Decoration Contest

This idea might be a bit ironic after reading the first idea, but holding a holiday decorating contest will give you a great way to involve your community on your blog and social networking websites. You could ask community members to post pictures of their decorating, offer a small gift for either winning or participating, and also, ask for permission to share the names and photos on Facebook and Twitter. This gives you a chance to tag other people in the community on social pages for your business and connect with these individuals and their own social networks. If you are worried about offering gifts for too many participants, you might limit the offer to the first dozen or so entries.


3. Blog About Your Agency’s Community Fundraisers

Getting your agency involved in holiday charities is always a good idea, so December is a good time to let your community members know about agency sponsored toy or food drives. You have an opportunity to bring more attention to your insurance agency and participate in making your community a better place. You might even have a donation box in your office to give people a reason to drop by.


4. Blog About Local Holiday Activities

This is one of the simplest ideas, but it still gives you helpful and interesting content to include on your blog. Create a simple schedule of community holiday activities that your clients and potential clients are likely to be interested in. These could range from community theater performances to the hours of the local ice skating rink. If you or agency employees plan to attend any of these activities, you can also let your blog readers know that they can meet you there.


We Wish You a Joyous Holiday Season! 

At American Agents Alliance, we hope you enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving. We also wish you a wonderful holiday season and a productive new year! Besides marketing tips, be sure to explore the benefits of making a New Year’s resolution to become a member of the American Agents Alliance.

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