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Establish an Online Presence for Your Business

As a business owner, you are most likely focused on managing your employees, finding clients and meeting company goals. Chances are, you are not very concerned with the social media world.

However, as an agency that has been involved with both Facebook and Twitter, we believe that you should be, too! Establishing an online presence is a must for your small business. Not only will it allow you to connect with your current clientele but it can draw new leads and clients to you as well!

So how should you get started? We have a few tips:

  • Facebook:
    • Create a Page for your company.
    • Update your status with company news, photos from around the office, fast facts, etc.
    • Search for local businesses and subscribe to their page in order to build a community.
    • Always reach out to others and make an impression. If you do not comment and interact with other businesses and subscribers, you will not connect.
  • Twitter:
    • Find local businesses and residents to follow.
    • Reach out to those who follow you by saying “thank you” and asking questions. People love to chat!
    • Take advantage of #hashtags. This is a great way to place your tweet in a pool of related tweets. For example, #insurance will send your tweet to a variety of other tweets that are hashtagged with insurance as well. This makes your tweet searchable and reaches more than just your followers.
    • Avoid “over-tweeting.” This may result in a loss of followers. The most important tip to remember: be human. It is easy to seem like a machine and spit out links and company facts all day long. If you do not add a little fun and games to your social media site, fans and followers may become disengaged. Keep it interesting! Your business deserves to be seen and heard; social media is a great tool for this. This is a way for you to advertise your services, for free! Owning a business is expensive, between inventory, equipment, California business insurance, etc… very little is free these days. Take advantage of this free service and put your agency out on the web. You will see results!


About the Author: John Wissink is the President of the ISU-Wissink Insurance Agency in Culver City, California, now in its 59th year of service. Specializing in auto, home, life and business insurance, some of his experienced staff members have been with the agency for 28 years.

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