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Finish Goals to Meet Your Annual Business Plan

The year is almost over. With the hectic pace of the holidays, year-end reporting, and renewal season in January it can be a challenge to finish goals you set for 2023. But this is the right time to buckle down and find time to meet your business goals before the New Year.

Try our tips for success in finishing the year strong by meeting your goals.


Meet Your 2023 Goals Before Year-End

If you’re like many people, the end of the year is a very busy time. For agents that is often magnified by January 1 renewals looming ahead. And while looking forward to next year is important, finishing your 2023 goals to end the year strong is critical to your success.


Start by reviewing your goals and progress to date.

Take a look at where you are with your goals. Perhaps you and your team have accomplished some and checked them off your list already. Focus on the remaining open items and review where you are in relation to completion. Be honest about whether the goal is still attainable and make a plan for how to achieve it before the end of the year.


Remember the ‘why’ behind your goals.

When you set your goals at the beginning of the year, you thought about what you wanted to accomplish and why it was important. To get you across the finish line, remember your why. Why is this goal important to your business or team? What made this goal important enough to be on your 2023 list? Why is this goal worth achieving? If you can answer those questions, you may feel inspired to reach the goal.


Break your remaining goals into smaller parts.

After you have taken stock of your remaining goals, break them into smaller, achievable pieces. Maybe there are steps you can take each day or week to accomplish the goal by year’s end or smaller parts that you could finish over a few workdays that would get you to the finished state. Consider how to break down the goal and work on finishing the steps you outline.


Find ways to take action.

Often, we get stuck thinking about how large a goal is or how little time we have to accomplish it. That overwhelming feeling can make it difficult to make progress toward your goal. To combat this, try taking action — even by taking a small step — toward finishing your goal every day. Forward movement builds momentum that may push you toward completion.


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